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Coun Allan Andrews, deputy Tory leader, said: "With such a potentially valuable art collection the TURN TO PAGE TWO FROM PAGE ONE city council needs to seriously consider whether it wishes to continue to push the line of "cuts to services are necessary" whilst it sits on a fortune of art.
It is in a similar spirit that we salute Paris Photo s 19 years of showcasing innovation, creativity and photographic excellence across the globe said JPMorgan Chase Art Collection s Director, Lisa K.
George Lucas claims second spot on the list with a US$600-million art collection that includes Norman Rockwell paintings and pin-ups by Alberto Vargas.
The banking company said that the private art collection represents the very best of Arab art in the four decades since 1971.
Also, it is currently being sold at the store of the National Museum of Fine Arts Havana Cuba, and at our gallery, Torna & Prado Fine Art Collection, in Miami, Florida.
Some of the writing which is created during the session will be included in a new printed guide explaining more about mima, modern art and Middlesbrough's art collection, which will be available for visitors at mima this spring.
Collection: Artist Cornelia Parker with works from Richard of York Gave Battle in Vain, part of Revealed: Government Art Collection at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery.
The first is the Capitol Art Collection, an expanding compilation of contemporary work by New Mexican artists.
Release date- 16082012 - The Adelphi University Exhibitions Program is pleased to present Recent Acquisitions from the Adelphi University Art Collection.
The Story of the Government Art Collection (Gallery 4)
6 billion</a>, is furnished and decorated with art works that form part of the Royal Collection, the art collection of the British Royal Family, considered one of the major art collections in the world today.
The illy Art Collection began when the coffee-making company changed the design of its espresso cup by Matteo Thun in 1990.
WE'VE handed over more than EUR3billion to bail out AIB, but taxpayers will not be able to claw back a cent from the fat cat bank's posh art collection.
It should be noted that these selected examples are only a fragment of the entire Chinese Art paintings that comprise the University of Alberta's Mactaggart Art Collection.