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a poisonous colorless flammable gas used in organic synthesis and to dope transistors and as a poison gas in warfare

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In this case, cross-couplings under classical conditions, including the use of phosphine and arsine as ligands, were carried out to access enynes and dienes in moderate to good yields [20].
In the Hach method, hydrogen sulfide is first oxidized to sulfate by the addition of three reagents to prevent interference with the measurement of arsine gas.
the sample is combined with a number of other solutions (in this case HCl, a reducing agent (0.6% NaBH) and 0.5% m/v NaOH), which results in the formation of arsine gas (As[H.sub.3]).
Dasgupta's detector is based on the intense chemiluminescence, a light resulting from a chemical reaction, which occurs during the gas phase reaction of the arsenic compound arsine and ozone.
There were no differences in the Arsine Transformation results and results using percentages.
2007 As, Cd: [16] flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer Hg: cold vapour technique Obiri 2007 [64] Flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer Shimadzu model coupled with an arsine gas generator Adomako et al.
Environmental forms include arsenious acids, arsenic acids, arsenites, arsenates, methylarsenic acid (MAA), dimethylarsinic acid (DMAA), trimethyl arsine oxide (TMAO), and so forth [1-3].
If reducing conditions are combined with lower pH as observed for the coastal soils along TLs 227 and 259, arsine gas, and dimethylarsine could also form and be released to the atmosphere [34].
As sources, we used trimethylgallium (Ga[(C[H.sub.3]).sub.3]), trimethylaluminum Al[(C[H.sub.3]).sub.3], arsine (As[H.sub.3]), and phosphine (P[H.sub.3]).
The most stable redox states include -3 (arsine gas, As[H.sub.3]), -1 (alkyl arsenic), 0 (elemental arsenic), +3 (arsenite), and +5 (arsenate), and the latter two states are dominant in aqueous arsenic solutions [11].
Arsine (As[H.sub.3]) and phosphine (P[H.sub.3]) were used as the fifth group element sources.
The pre-concentrator is a solid adsorbent that collects Arsine that is then thermally desorbed, replacing the conventional liquid nitrogen trap.
Differences in yearly changes in composition (arsine transformed percent biomass) were examined using ANOVA in IBM SPSS Statistics 17 (SPSS Inc., an IBM Company Headquarters, Chicago, Illinois).
The high release of certain chemicals (Carbondisulfide, Halogenated hydrocarbons and Chlorofluorocarbons, Methylene Chloride, etc), metals (Antimony, Arsenic and Arsine, Cadmium, Cobalt, Lead, Thallium, Zinc, Nickel, Copper, Manganese etc), gases (Carbon monoxide, Cyanide, Hydrogen Sulfide, etc) Pesticides (Carbamates and Organophosphates, Organic Nitrates, etc) can be the main cause of Cardiovascular disease.