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a compound of arsenic with a more positive element

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Additionally, arsenic (As) in the form of gallium arsenide in light emitting diodes, mobile phones, and solar panels may increase significantly in the e-waste stream.
Co-Ni-Fe arsenides are found ubiquitously in such structures in both the western and eastern parts of the boutonniere; the most common species are skutterudite, lollingite and nickeline.
Some of the patents held by Outokumpu include direct blister smelting, concentrate burner and direct nickel smelting, all related to flash smelting; mercury and selenium recovery and removal from gases, solution purifying - cadmium cementation, solution purifying cobalt removal as arsenides, mercury recovery and direct leaching, all related to zinc; cobalt solvent extraction; and various patents related to copper solvent extraction, including the dispersion overflow pump (DOP) and solvent extraction in large tanks.
The PGE assemblage forms a complex series of arsenides, stibio-arsenides, arsenostannides, stibiostannides of palladium.