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a compound of arsenic with a more positive element

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The primary ore minerals in the Bou Azzer district are chiefly cobalt, nickel and iron arsenides, copper sulfides, and native gold and molybdenite--Bou Azzer is also known to mineral collectors as the source of the world's finest crystal specimens of the ore species skutterudite and gersdorffite.
Sulphides, arsenides and other PGM compounds respond well to flotation if they are not from near-surface oxidized zones.
Physical lock-up (if the fine gold particles can be liberated by economic grinding the gold is locked, if they can not, the gold is encapsulated), * Carbonaceous materials (active carbon in the material adsorbs the gold from solution), * Decomposition of host minerals (sulphides decompose to form cyanicides and deplete the oxygen), * Coated gold (particles associated with sulphides in contact with a lixiviant can develop coatings), and * Insoluble alloys or compounds of gold (gold-bearing tellurides and arsenides, aurostibnite ([AuSb.
Mineralization consists predominately of pitchblende or uraninite occurring as thin seams, bands and disseminations along bedding planes; tyuyamunite and cobalt bloom (erythrite) along some fractures; and to a lesser extent chalcopyrite, bornite, malachite, pyrite, annabergite and arsenides.
The PGE assemblage forms a complex series of arsenides, stibio-arsenides, arsenostannides, stibiostannides of palladium.
The cryptic nature of the mineralization in the Red Zone and lack of accompanying sulphides, arsenides and pitchblende render this type of mineralization difficult to explore for and sample.
These sheaves may be loose, or may make jumbled clusters without matrix, or may rise at all angles from a dense black matrix of ore sulfides and arsenides (recall that the world's best skutterudite occurs at Bou Azzer, too).
Associated primary metallic ores are massive and disseminated cobalt and nickel arsenides (mostly clinosafflorite and rammelsbergite, identified by X-ray diffraction and electron microprobe analysis) and copper sulfides (mostly chalcocite) in a gangue of dolomite, coarse tabular barite and calcite.
Its product line includes all the arsenides, antimonides, and phosphides of indium and gallium.