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a white powdered poisonous trioxide of arsenic

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Taking arsenic is followed by death" is a good empirical generalization; it may have exceptions, but they will be rare.
Instead of having watered his cabbage with arsenic, he had watered it this time with a solution of salts, having their basis in strychnine, strychnos colubrina, as the learned term it.
You will find very few persons who will go and brutally thrust a knife in the heart of a fellow-creature, or will administer to him, in order to remove him from the surface of the globe on which we move with life and animation, that quantity of arsenic of which we just now talked.
Induction of lung-specific DNA damage by metabolically methylated arsenics via the production of free radicals.
This newly identified arsenic species is a key intermediate in the metabolic pathway of arsenic biomethylation, which involves stepwise reduction of pentavalent to trivalent arsenic species followed by oxidative addition of a methyl group.
The major human metabolic pathway for inorganic arsenic is methylation (1-6).
Methylation of arsenic involves a two-electron reduction of pentavalent [e.
This report describes the speciation of MMA(III) in addition to the usual arsenic species in human urine, As(III), As(V), MMA(V), and DMA(V).
The extent of cell-kill was similar for both compounds; however, the effect on killing of ascorbic acid, a glutathione- (GSH) depleting agent, was different for the two arsenics as was response to adding extra-cellular GSH.
OTC BB: ZIOP) announced today the results of a preclinical study that show ZIO-101, a new organic arsenic drug, kills myeloma cells.
Our data suggest that differences in chemical structure of ZIO-101 and arsenic trioxide are reflected in the different sensitivities of human multiple myeloma cell lines," said Lawrence Boise, Ph.
We are now enrolling patients with advanced myeloma in a phase I/II trial at doses of ZIO-101 much higher than we could safely achieve with arsenic trioxide," said James Berenson, M.
ZIO-101 is the first molecule from a family of novel organic arsenics.
In prior clinical studies, arsenic trioxide has been established as an effective agent to treat acute promyelocytic leukemia, and in combination with other agents as a treatment for multiple myeloma," commented Dr.
A second organic arsenic from that broad licensing arrangement, ZIO-102, is expected to undergo further preclinical study this year as ZIO-101 progresses through phase I study in both hematologic and solid tumor cancers.