arsenic group

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the univalent group derived from arsine

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The decreased antioxidant enzyme activities with elevated lipid peroxidation, TNF-[alpha], and NO levels indicated impaired antioxidative defense mechanisms with an oxidative injury in the testes of arsenic group.
Significantly different from arsenic group value, @ P < 0.
Values were then used to calculate for relative folds normalized to the relative amounts of the same gene in the low-level arsenic group.
On the basis of the expression variation with 3 x SD from the mean log for the housekeeping genes, we identified 26 cDNA clones with an increased expression signal in intermediate- or high-level arsenic groups, and 36 cDNA clones with reduced expression in intermediate- or high-level arsenic groups compared with the low-level arsenic group.
Study subjects of high-level arsenic group were significantly underweight as compared with the other two groups (p = 0.
Although there was considerable variation within each arsenic group, a positive correlation was observed between arsenic exposures and plasma protein levels of CCL2/MCP1.
227 (a) mRNA was extracted from pooled total RNA samples obtained from 8 individuals representative of each arsenic group.
After standardization, ratios of relative intensity were calculated between arsenic groups for all gene spots.
Although a relative reduction in survival was noted in both arsenic groups starting after 5 d of pneumonia, this was not statistically significant (Figure 1i).