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One of my starting points for the project Gentlemen & Arseholes was the feeling that I lived in a free world, but that, at the same time, there were very strict and definite limits to that freedom.
Knock out the term charity because it allows "holier than thou" arseholes to walk about simpering, with hands folded and eyes cast down, yet watching to see if they are being observed in such a posture.
The novelist, who was on the recent Man Booker award shortlist, said, 'It's the way people look at each other on the train; just general stupidity, madness, vulgarity, stupid TV shows, aspirational arseholes, money everywhere.
The coaching staff at West Brom were a bunch of arseholes in comparison to Haarlem.
Teach these arseholes some responsibility about producing complete and accurate figures .
Lene Berg, Gentlemen & Arseholes (Berlin: The Green Box, 2006).
He swore he would die painting and, aged 67, more or less did, contracting pneumonia after working in a thunderstorm: 'All my compatriots are arseholes beside me.
I'm sick to the back teeth of arseholes like him who tell me what is good for me, what to wear, what to say, what I should drink and where I can drive.
Told Chanelle: "If we could somehow not be arseholes to each other that would be nice.
These people are, in the main, opinionated arseholes who end up doing more harm than good.
It's not aerosols but arseholes like your boffins who keep us depressed, not to mention in a permanent state of hypochondria.
The spokesman fumed: "Nationalist scum in Limavady don't need arseholes like Brendan McKenna and Gerard Rice to help them stop parades - but a miracle.