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(of a leaf shape) like an arrow head without flaring base lobes

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Even the arrow-shaped door handles scream sportiness and the back pair are neatly concealed in the window frames.
An arrow-shaped storm appeared in the equatorial regions on Sept.
The resuscitator has a slip-free texture and an arrow-shaped bag with foldable accessories, making it easy to operate with one hand, according to the Taiwan-based firm.
These arrow-shaped seeds are designed to get caught up in the coats of animals.
The "boomerang"--or arrow-shaped head and taillights, flared fenders, frowning (some may say snarling) grille, insert more sharp angles than soothing curves of the predecessor, the 2003 350Z.
The final pair is comprised of a straight cylindrical bottle with a low-volume, arrow-shaped bottle.
A range of details inspired by racing cars, including an arrow-shaped nose, wing profiles in the radiator grille and twin-tailpipe system, underline the origins of the SLK in a company which can point to an illustrious sports car tradition.
Some of Morrill's less common favorites, available in limited quantities during the sale, include Erica verticillata, an evergreen shrub from South Africa with feathery green leaves and mauve flowers in summer; and Lepechinia hastata, a dramatic 6- by 6-foot perennial from Mexico, with long, arrow-shaped leaves and mauve summer flowers.
The Taylor Model 840 features five different-colored, arrow-shaped clips that can be snapped onto the sides of the dial to mark each person's last weigh-in or the starting point for a diet, allowing him or her to keep track of which way the battle of the bulge is heading.
Another championship bulb-type plant is the calla lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica), that shade lover with the arrow-shaped leaves and the curvaceous, chalice-shaped white spathes.
When viewed under a low magnification lens, Hearts On Fire diamonds refract light in a pattern of eight perfectly symmetrical heart- shapes at the bottom of the diamond and eight perfectly symmetrical arrow-shaped fire-bursts through the top, a visible indicator of the perfect cut.
km unlimited mileage Meanwhile, a pair of chrome louvres extend left and right either side of the central star, tapering off at the outer edges and creating a sporty arrow-shaped horizontal sweep which provides the front end with a very pronounced V-shape.
The model features a spindle grille, arrow-shaped LED daytime running lights, pronounced wheel arches protected by plastic trim, pointed tail lamps, a short rear window and a big air diffuser integrated into the bumper.