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Synonyms for arrogation

the act of taking something for oneself

Synonyms for arrogation

seizure by the government

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reasoned bounds, an arrogation central to the retributivist basis for
Which is nothing to say of the dramatic successes of the litigation-reuniting hundreds of detainees with their families, organizing the bar and the public to recognize the unlawful arrogation of power by the president and his military officials, changing the dishonest narrative about the supposed dangerousness of these detainees, and exposing torture and incompetence in the basic administration of U.
For a court to order improved conditions or set specified standards according to which an institution ought to be run, or for a court to demand that a state authority establish certain provisions in order not to infringe the constitutional rights of its citizens for treatment in "least restrictive" settings, effectively constitutes a legal arrogation of discretion in choices as to allocation of funds amongst competing priorities.
Highlighting the functioning of the Plant, the two officials said that water lifted from Mangla dam reservoir would pass through two importent stages of arrogation and oxygenation to make it clean and standard as laid down by World Health organization (WHO) standards.
Phrases such as "indirect social and direct governmental investment" are breathtaking in their arrogation of all of the value inhering in a parcel not demonstrably attributable to activities of its owner to the State.
It was a rare Saturday that the Star-Phoenix did not feature the loquacious Ramsay warning Saskatonians that "something for nothing has always been a bait for fools," or that "socialism is an abrogation of private rights, an arrogation of state control," or that the whole ideology of the CCF was "a beautiful dream if you don't wake up.
The judiciary's authority and independence was significantly impaired during the Abacha era by the military regime's arrogation of judicial power and prohibition of court review of its action.
Doernberg, Legislative Override of Income Tax Treaties: The Branch Profits Tax and Congressional Arrogation of Authority, 42 Tax Law.
And equating this self-aggrandizing arrogation of power with greater democracy encourages self-deception while making deception of the people integral to progressive politics.
Lucy's understanding of her own position is not assimilable to Western colonial conceptions of supposed legal boundaries, of land arrogation or proprietorship; which places her views in stark contrast with those of her father.
desire to protect against "an arrogation of power in public
The Ratification Cases 'legalized' the Marcos regime, and lent the pretense of legitimacy to Marcos' arrogation of absolute power as President of the Philippines.
183, 191 (2009) ("The criminal law takes as its object the definition, deterrence, and punishment of proscribed violent behavior; indeed, the regulation of interpersonal violence (and the arrogation to the state of the prerogative to inflict violence) arguably is a primary focus of criminal lawmaking and theory.
If arrogation were the case it would contradict the principle of subsidiarity.