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  • verb

Synonyms for arrogate

Synonyms for arrogate

to lay claim to for oneself or as one's right

Synonyms for arrogate

demand as being one's due or property

make undue claims to having


seize and take control without authority and possibly with force

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But forming a Premier Division of their own composition, arrogating to themselves powers over the distribution of the union's income which the majority of the clubs in Wales would regard as excessive, causes a problem.
Citing a 60-year-old line of Texas cases, AJCongress and its partners said, "the decision of the court -- arrogating to itself the power to decide what churches are theologically acceptable is untenable.
As might be expected, the list of the capitalist colonial state's sins is long: pushing cultivation, particularly in the form of plantations, deeper a nd deeper into jungle areas and arrogating to itself the rights to what remained of cattle-grazing and forest land; criminalizing nomadic pastoralism and suppressing shifting cultivation, and considering settled agriculturalism the hallmark of civilization; expanding large-scale irrigation without regard to a lowering water table and its adverse consequences; commercializing resources at the expense of local communities, with a resulting pauperization and reduction to labor of previous self-sustaining groups, favoring local capitalists at the detriment of agriculturalist, fishing, and other communities.
Since the end of World War II, Presidents have been arrogating to themselves these powers of Congress.
Imara admits that throughout Islamic history there have been attempts, "inadvertent and unconscious," by some Muslim ulema to imitate Christianity, and act as "men of religion," arrogating to themselves the power to permit and forbid (tahlil wa tahrim), and posing as official spokesmen of Islam.
arrogating the very name of a sport from the players'
As the report has pointed out, it is a classic case of failure of the governance structure, in which a small coterie of serving and retired public officials successfully propelled the business interests of a private entity by arrogating to themselves all powers which they were not legitimately authorised to exercise.
Even more troubling, you said the details of the case "damned" Cardinal George, arrogating to yourself the business of dispensing eternal judgment of human beings.
The wars which inspired legislation intended to separate us from enemies by arrogating allegiance to God in the name of nationalism are over.
A large part of my outrage toward capital punishment was exactly the feeling that it was arrogating too much power to the government.
This is why the Gujarat government can say that after having overseen the riot cases since 2003 and now that chargesheets had been filed by the SIT, the apex court will be arrogating to itself powers it does not possess were it to stay the trial again.
The Bush administration has worked continually to expand the powers of the president at the expense of other branches of government, for example, arrogating from the legislature the right to declare war.