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  • verb

Synonyms for arrogate

Synonyms for arrogate

to lay claim to for oneself or as one's right

Synonyms for arrogate

demand as being one's due or property

make undue claims to having


seize and take control without authority and possibly with force

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With the rising growth of dependence on aid and senior bureaucrats having arrogated to themselves the power to negotiate with the donors and at times even arrange for rescheduling of repayments, it was the elite bureaucracy which held full control over aid.
MP Maurice Vellacott's remarks that Supreme Court Justice Beverly McLachlin has arrogated to herself God-like prerogatives (May 11, 2006) is to the point.
The problem is that these powers, properly the province of state and local government in most instances, are being arrogated by the executive branch in Washington.
Bush has arrogated to himself the right to apprehend "any individual who is not a United States citizen" and subject that person to a secret military trial and then impose the death penalty.
Government has arrogated so extensive a role to itself that it's understandable that many people might imagine that nothing the government has a hand in could possibly have happened without it.
According to the information signed by Graft Investigation and Prosecution Officer Anjuli Larla Tan-Eneran, the council effectively arrogated upon itself the powers of the bids and awards committee (BAC) and did away with the required procurement process.
In 1967,Al-Me'jel arrogated his role as honorary consul general of Cyprus to Kuwait, due to his outstanding contributions to the bilateral ties and the eminence of Cyprus as a leading investor and tourist destination, stated by President Anastasiadis.
The idea of a European superstate has proved increasingly polarizing, however, with opponents worrying about the loss of national control and identity to a metastasizing Brussels-based bureaucracy which has arrogated to itself dictatorial powers over such practical issues as annual seed plantings, forcing farmers to obey rather than use their own judgment.
It has arrogated to itself vast new global interventionary powers that rightly belong to the United Nations.
Respondents' approval of MC 2015-04 took this power away from BOI and arrogated it to Marina.
Who can name a Canadian bishop who has resisted the rank nonsense and open heresy that more often than not gets passed off by the parallel "Magisterium" of theologians who have arrogated to themselves the right to decide what the Church should and should not teach as truth?
What's certain is that another American President has arrogated to himself the prerogative of dispatching U.
Consequently, a human group, and the state which it was identified, arrogated to itself an absolute status and determined to remove the very existence of the Jewish people, a people called to witness to the one God and the law of the Covenant.
In the months leading up to Clinton's decision, the Chinese government not only arrested a number of leading dissidents, including Wei Jingsheng; it also arrogated to itself vast new powers of repression.
Worse, she admittedly arrogated unto herself the authority which is not prescribed under the existing laws of the land.