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Synonyms for arrogate

Synonyms for arrogate

to lay claim to for oneself or as one's right

Synonyms for arrogate

demand as being one's due or property

make undue claims to having


seize and take control without authority and possibly with force

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I'll buy that there's an inclination to arrogate power--FDA Commissioner Frank Young used to quip that "dogs bark, cows moo, and regulators regulate"--but during my decade and a half at the FDA, I discovered potent incentives for regulators' actions that are not best for individual patients or public health but serve only bureaucratic self-interest; self-interest that is best realized by policies and actions that give rise to new responsibilities, bigger budgets, and more expansive bureaucracies.
Ms McLean said: "A nurse should never arrogate herself the authority to increase a dosage, particularly the dosage of an opiate.
I've taken the liberty, which a daughter might arrogate to herself, to share a few fragments from Dad's writings, musings, and talks composed during his career which are relevant to the theme which he preached and practiced all his life: regular, moderate physical activity.
My main caveat is that if you look for example at the outstandingly successful mayor of Watford, she is successful in part because she hasn't been tempted to do what some other mayors have done, which is to arrogate so much power to herself that people start resenting the over-concentration of power in the hands of one person.
Bush had capitalized on the unity that followed the 9/11 attacks to draw the nation together, rather than to arrogate ever more power and launch his misadventure in Iraq.
Only four do not have any Tescos - the Outer Hebrides, Lerwick in the Shetlands, Kirkwall in the Orkneys, and H arrogate
One does not arrogate to oneself the mantle of spokesperson, it is granted by the community to those who have worked to understand the various viewpoints and who have captured the trust of the broader community.
Where secular states of the 18th and 19th centuries attempted to arrogate reason to themselves--defining it very narrowly, as Benedict pointed out--over against the alleged irrationalism of dogmatic religious authority, the Church attempted to right the record by arguing at Vatican I (1869-1870) to the reasonability of faith: faith sans reason is sheer fideism and reason sans faith is sheer naturalism.
Since we arrogate to ourselves the exclusive right to wage preventive war, we ignore the dark warning of Secretary of State John Quincy Adams against going abroad 'in search of monsters to destroy,'" he warns.
Finally he argues that the international community is unjustifiably complicit in allowing capital city elites to arrogate sovereign prerogatives while the "hinterlands" remain uncontrolled and under-institutionalized.
On what basis do the BBC and UTV arrogate to themselves a right to decide which parties' material will be so delivered and which not?
He also overlooks the pastoral imperative of the church and fails in the compassion that he and his conservative brethren arrogate to themselves.
Moore & Associates' database represents a solid source of actual arrogate market prices including reporting delivered pricing (in addition to FOB), weight averaging price by amount of usage, and producing an aggregate market price (including spot as well as contract tonnage).
Longden, who was based in California for much of his career, won the 1955 Santa Anita Derby on Swaps and in 1956 enjoyed one of his most memorable years, reaching a career peak of 320 wins and replacing another miner's son, Sir Gordon Richards, as the world's most prolific winning jockey when scoring his 4,871st success on Arrogate at Del Mar in September.
Of course, today the United States is the dominant economic and military power in the world, and success seems to breed a desire to arrogate divine sanction.