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a unit of weight used in some Spanish speaking countries

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a liquid measure (with different values) used in some Spanish speaking countries

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Cibercultur@, na proposta de Gonzalez, e escrita com arroba para marcar uma diferenca das abordagens teoricas centradas no vetor tecnologico, embora se reconheca a importancia desse tipo de conhecimento.
A sign thereof is that they readily pay an additional one or two crowns per arroba if the seller permits them to extend the payment until the moment of delivery or even two or three months after delivery.
In Costa Rica, Anna Arroba (2004) in Costa Rica reports that at last the truth is coming out about the sexual misery lived by so many people.
After setting aside one arroba of yerba mate to pay the individual's royal tribute, the community rewarded him in proportion to the remaining amount.
50 per arroba (25 pounds) - the breakeven point under which it no longer pays to grow the stuff.
Most commonly referred to are the botija, the botija perulera and the botija de media arroba.
Winning international recognition as Arroba Gold Bizz awards for quality and satisfied all of our subscribers primarily in cities around the country are those who attest to the commitment, quality and prestige of a national company such as Cable Color.
Condo in liquid disinfectant,washing powder arroba,sponge tackle 6 "x4",toilet soap 125g.
Cattle prices in 2002 averaged about $16 per arroba, while today they are $40.
We will not be inventing anything new; the Costa Rican anthropologist Anna Arroba explained that the ecstatic experience and erotic images have formed part of all western and eastern religions.
Arroba earned his bachelor's degree from the Art Center in April 2000.
Anna Arroba Asociacion de Mujeres en Salud, AMES San Jose, Costa Rica E-mail: jorgeana@sol.
A large number of landowners and businessmen offered to pay a specified amount for each arroba (about 25 pounds or 11.
24x36x5 white bags,bags arroba caliber 5,black 24x36x5 bags,red 24x36x5 bags etc.
20 [pounds sterling]) per arroba with futures predicting more than $36.