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Synonyms for arriviste



Synonyms for arriviste

a person who has suddenly risen to a higher economic status but has not gained social acceptance of others in that class

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Des parties nous fournissaient l'assistance requise sans rien en contrepartie alors que d'autres instances plus avides et arrivistes demandaient trop mais, pour aboutir a notre objectif, il nous a fallu collaborer avec elles, raconte un des participants au projet.
Faced with adapting to a world whose economic and cultural rules were being rewritten by arrivistes, Nick opts instead to return home to "that vast obscurity beyond the city, where the dark fields of the republic rolled on under the night.
Like Henry Adams, the great historian, Vidal disdained immigrants, especially Jewish immigrants, as nouveaux arrivistes lacking in manners and breeding.
Along with others in the large crowd of newly ennobled parvenus that appeared in Britain between 1776 and 1830, the Lascelles arrivistes transplanted themselves to England, bought land and lavishly improved a couple of country houses, entered into politics, and did their best to appear well-established.
Indeed, the Top Six Society is so conservative even well-heeled Harlequins, whose ground is just a Nick Evans punt from HQ, are viewed as gauche arrivistes, the league leaders having finished in the right half of the table twice in the last seven seasons.
The total brand immersion is a bit gagging but way ahead of a host of urban chic arrivistes.
From here the expectation of the restless oil sheikhs will be that City go on to become a true European super club rather than one who transiently buy success without ever establishing themselves as anything more than pretenders or arrivistes.
COMING from the land of aquavit, Absolut was the first to give the Russian and Polish hardy perennials a good run for their money ( of course, it now has competition from newer arrivistes such as Skyy and Ciroc).
Prior to the 19th century, while the great landowners dominated the heights of wealth, status and power in Britain, arrivistes quickly joined their ranks through the purchase of land, the gaining of seats in Parliament and the acquisition of titles.
But the real reason why Rafa has chosen to ignore one of his most devout canons, the rotation of players to preserve their energy for later in the season, is the seismic ramifications of those two early defeats, immediately plunging us six points adrift of the Chelsea arrivistes.
It is only with the rise of a "'civilized elite'--a small group of arrivistes," Levy-Navarro argues, that our modern representational regime of obesity emerged out of the "time before fat" (31).
But there's something rather unique about the reach toward Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, and Infiniti--all marques that have earned their levels of prestige and performance--inasmuch as all of them, even the comparative arrivistes Lexus and Infiniti (both launched in the U.
These are questions which inform this section, and which are illustrated in Professor Alvarez Barrientos' dichotomy of the author as either apostles or arrivistes and opportunists.
Underscoring the monied origins of this local elite, Casey refers to these arrivistes as "nobles of the doubloon" (31).
The King George still wins out over some of the far-flung arrivistes in terms of prestige.