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Synonyms for arriviste



Synonyms for arriviste

a person who has suddenly risen to a higher economic status but has not gained social acceptance of others in that class

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Faced with adapting to a world whose economic and cultural rules were being rewritten by arrivistes, Nick opts instead to return home to "that vast obscurity beyond the city, where the dark fields of the republic rolled on under the night.
The play, first produced in 1960--there's also a film version from 1964, starring Henry Fonda and Cliff Robertson--allows us to participate vicariously in an epic contest between a high-minded liberal mandarin and a ruthlessly ambitious arriviste.
Perhaps more than that, the result signals populist resentment and the French elite's attempt to take a stand against what they see as an overbearing German electorate's self-righteousness, arising from Germany's relative fiscal competence In France, a vote for Hollande was a vote against Chancellor Angela Merkel and thrifty Swabian housewives, one which carried the bonus message of a rejection of the arriviste Sarkozy.
Brian Staufenbiel's direction, with designs and costumes by Matthew Antaky and Christine Crook, allowed the mood to build across scenes that portray the rich arriviste Gatsby renewing his youthful low for the endlessly fascinating Daisy and end with his shooting death as the consequence of a convoluted tale involving a sordid affair between Daisy's husband, Tom, and Myrtle, the wife of a garage mechanic.
Frank, a self-made, affluent arriviste in leafy Castleknock, returns to his home suburb of Ballymun as his estranged father, Sam--the first resident of the towers--lies dying in old age.
As as result of this condiment-related trauma, I haven't been able to look at sweet pickle (not 'chutney', that's for country folk and arriviste foodies) since.
He sees that the driving force of this PR concoction was 'Blair's irresistible addiction to money' and 'the arriviste vanity of Peter Mandelson'.
James Wallenstein, a frequent contributor of essays and short stories to a number of newspapers and magazines, turns his attention to longer works with his debut novel The Arriviste.
So, when you see someone flaunting a bag or a belt with a trademark, just write that person off as an arriviste.
So to avoid the unspeakable horror of appearing indistinguishable from their arriviste neighbours, the United players need to adjust their attire to something more indicative of their social superiority.
GW seems to have found the upper limits of arriviste institution building in higher education.
In Attridge's (2005) discussion of The Master of Petersburg (1994) the Other, the arriviste whom one awaits with trepidation, it is suggested, is the new Russia.
From Elmore Leonard's arriviste gangsters to Dashiell Hammett's cynical, salaryman detectives, crime fiction routinely documents both the movement of money and the degradations people will undertake to get it.
In Coubertin's words: "The debrouillard needed nowadays will be neither a clown nor an arriviste but simply a boy who is hand-skilled, quickly ready to make effort, flexible in the muscles, resistant against tiring, good in decision-making, and trained in advance to move from one location to another, from one job to another, from one situation to another, from habits and ideas to others, like it is required by the useful instability of modern societies.