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Synonyms for arriviste



Synonyms for arriviste

a person who has suddenly risen to a higher economic status but has not gained social acceptance of others in that class

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In broadcasting circles, the Vivendi chief is still regarded as something of an arriviste while the larger-than-life Lescure -- Man of the Year at Mipcom two years ago -- is a greatly admired member of the clan.
Appraising her as a worthy candidate, equally arriviste black eunuch Nadir (Alex Descas) forms an alliance with Safiye.
Square-jawed and determined, the earnest and honest Natalie Toro deftly and realistically captures the arriviste Eva Duarte's barely concealed proletariat identity, and the actress sings this difficult part with perfect pitch and often thrilling vibrancy.
His unstable mum having killed herself and dad (Stephen Rea) a violent drunken loser, young misfit Francie (Eamonn Owens) retreats into cowboys and comics escapism and takes his troubles out on shrill arriviste neighbour Mrs Nugent (Fiona Shaw) and her nerdy son.
And I'm not just some ill-informed arriviste who's only joined the fold since De Palma scored big with The Untouchables and Mission: Impossible.
Volchek's staging avoids both villains (even the arriviste landowner is sympathetic) and melodrama, instead highlighting the play's finde-siecle poignancy.
You see, there's nothing the Establishment hates more than an arriviste who has made his own money (instead of inheriting it like them), and Jeffrey Archer realised long ago that he hadn't been born into the right sort of family background.
Because he used to run Vueling, BA's low-cost Spanish sister, Mr Cruz has been pilloried as a budget airline arriviste, so bent on screwing down costs he didn't bother to make sure he had a proper back-up system.
Before the arriviste Canadian bank boss gets his way, let's hear it from traditionalists who want to keep things as they are.
But Lineker's cruiser arriviste look says "I'm in control of my pundits" - and the BBC have assembled a decent bunch, including the French sultan of cool himself, Thierry Henry.
Edgar Hoover with his nighttime frolics as an arriviste among Manhattan's haute monde.
Have you heard about the immigrant's son, the arriviste, and his nouveau riche predilections?
Loyalty, however stretched, he maintains, is still prized, although "the dilettante, the arriviste and the mercenary are damned.
It's made even worse, since my traditional Conservative family in the shires would look down on arriviste Dai Cameron.
Yes, I used to wander fruitlessly around Longbenton with a candle in a hollowed-out turnip at Halloween 50 years ago, but the full-blown festival of ghouls, ghosts and trick-ortreating is unmistakably a transatlantic arriviste.