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Synonyms for arriviste



Synonyms for arriviste

a person who has suddenly risen to a higher economic status but has not gained social acceptance of others in that class

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The panoply of characters to whom Lily is contrasted manifest, each one in his or her own way, a complex array of traits that appear as vices by Lily's example--lachete, arrivisme, hypocrisy, manipulative deviousness, condescension, vin dictiveness, sanctimoniousness--all associated in some way or another with "society.
To her daughter Clara, Mme de Duras had written from Compiegne, where she had witnessed shabby examples of blatant arrivisme on Louis XVIII's return in 1814, "My dear child, whatever your position in life, adopt the firm resolve to remain in your station, neither above nor below.
With this sortie begins that well-known tale of social arrivisme, Guy de Maupassant's Bel-Ami (1885).
And it is precisely among those intellectuals who came to political age during the 60s that some of the most virulent apostasies have occurred," argues James Petras, adding that in its cruder form, "it is simple arrivisme, the desperate grasping for respectability and power" within the Reagan revolution's rules of the game.
10) For a writer who later became so concerned to validate the claims of merit over arrivisme in a society obsessed with calibrating social success, this alteration in condition should not be ignored.
Further on down the genealogical line, Hugo yon Hofmannsthal grew up as a Catholic, but was conscious of his Jewish ancestry: arrivisme was in the air.