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gate where passengers disembark

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Fifteen minutes later, a sudden commotion confirmed that Mary had come out of the arrival gate.
15am (10:15 GMT) on Friday outside the arrival gate as passengers were leaving the Zamboanga city airport, Colonel Santiago Baluyot, the head of the military's Task Force Zamboanga, said.
News of Murphy's death comes after a medical drama involving her husband Monjack last month, when an ambulance was called to a Los Angeles airport arrival gate as the couple returned from Puerto Rico.
A regular segment on the show, "Narita Collection," shows clips of famous Japanese sports stars walking from their arrival gate at Narita Airport to their waiting cars.
The reward for the heart-wrenching departure is the wonderful homecoming when that much-loved figure climbs off the school coach or trudges through the airport arrival gate.
At Manchester a woman tried to walk through the arrival gate with a live chameleon on top of her head.
The team was taken through immigration and customs within 15 minutes of landing and whisked into a bus, which was parked at the arrival gate and surrounded by a ring of police officials.
Extra cordoned-off areas have also been created around the main terminal's arrival gate in a desperate bid to prevent the crush created by families and friends embracing baggage-laden passengers.
The members of the 40th Antarctic expedition's winter team and the 41st expedition's summer team came out of the airport's arrival gate shortly after 6:30 p.
He was escorted off the plane separately from other passengers by airport staff and put aboard a vehicle to avoid the press waiting at the arrival gate.
When I meet someone at the airport, especially for an international flight, I like to get there early to watch the influx of people at the arrival gate.
The Glentoran boss stood at an arrival gate waiting to greet Scott Young, signed unseen from Dunfermline Athletic.
The spate of collisions continued Sunday morning at Los Angeles International Airport when a car jumped onto the sidewalk and hit four people outside the Continental Airlines arrival gate.
Tenders are invited for Gift shop at city side near arrival gate at madurai airport
The five-year-old went to America for the lifechanging surgery and Sisters Olivia, six, and Jessica, nine, could not contain their excitement as Lily and dad Steve came through the arrival gate at Newcastle Airport after a month at St Louis Children's Hospital in Missouri.