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Synonyms for arrhythmic

lacking a steady rhythm


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without regard for rhythm

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Margaret and Robert, 43, later discovered Charlotte had Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (SADS) - an undiagnosed heart condition which can claim fit and healthy people with little or no warning.
A Huntingdon inquest heard Joe suffered a heart attack attributed to sudden arrhythmic death syndrome.
This is then called Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome or Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.
The composite endpoint was the time to first occurrence of NYHA heart failure class progression, a potentially life-threatening arrhythmic event, or cardiac death, as determined by an independent adjudication panel.
The Biotronik Home Monitoring device constitutes a breakthrough in cardiovascular medicine, and ensures patient safety through the detection of serious arrhythmic events early on which will significantly reduce the number of clinic follow-up visits,' added Dr Zaqqa.
The primary outcomes of interest were the arrhythmic end points of appropriate implantable cardiac defibrillator intervention and sudden cardiac death.
Over the years, I've gone on stage with a broken foot and an arrhythmic heart.
The frequency and rate of either premature ventricular complexes or nonsustained ventricular tachycardia episodes as well as any transient conduction disturbance in a given patient with high risk features for sudden cardiac death (SCD) can be established with Holter monitoring and risk for future cardiac arrhythmic events predicted with reasonable probability.
Some of the results are fairly predictable: "Karma-Cola," by Adrian Sherwood and Doug Wimbish, is simultaneously bluesy and dubby, just as one would expect from the masterminds behind On-U Sound and Tackhead, respectively; Mapstation's "Watching Paik's Video Buddha" is unusually arrhythmic but otherwise typically spacy; Robert Henke, surprise surprise, uses Buddha Machine content to build rich layers of slowly throbbing drone.
This utilitarian, even somber, coloration, coupled with a support gently buckled into lethargic, arrhythmic waves, creates a visual calmness and uniformity that runs counter to the colorful, animated chaos of the drawings.
The songs' beats range from Martian-industrial-disco to a simple, arrhythmic smattering of finger cymbals.
Problems with potassium channels have been known to cause arrhythmic beating even in an athlete's well-conditioned heart.
Results Show MTWA to Be a Strong, Independent Risk Factor for Major Arrhythmic Events
Ella was found to have died of Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (SADS) as subsequent tests found no cause for her cardiac arrest.
The results of this study are important for secondary prevention patients, who often are treated with more aggressive ICD programming to address arrhythmic events as quickly as possible," said Laurence D.
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