arrested development

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an abnormal state in which development has stopped prematurely

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For lead singer of Arrested Development, Speech, who wrote the words, the fact his lyrics reached the masses was enough.
Arrested Development ran for three seasons between 2003 and 2006.
That's what it was like at the Picture House when merrymakers Arrested Development arrived.
Both musicians expressed their admiration for Arrested Development for whom they opened yesterday (October 18) in a concert in Bahrain.
Grammy-winning band Arrested Development will perform for the second time in Bahrain on October 18 at the Coral Beach Club, Manama.
Event will see a return to the island of Arrested Development who wowed fans with a gig back in 2007.
She decides to give the kid up for adoption and meets "perfect" couple Vanessa and Mark Loring (Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman - if you've never seen him as Cera's dad in Arrested Development, you must get the DVDs).
When Speech formed Arrested Development in the early 1990s, he says the hip-hop scene was more diverse than it is today.
The layering provides new evidence that Ceres is a case of arrested development.
And so it was from defeat and subjection that the exhibition moved to a contemporary Japan in a state of arrested development and to the second connotation of the name "Little Boy.
Shields also reported that the agency rejected other complaints that were more sexually related in connection with television broadcasts of Will and Grace and Arrested Development.
First, they hide away the very funny and very inventive US comedy Arrested Development in a 7pm weekday slot on BBC2 - before moving it to after 11pm on a Sunday.
In a year that saw changes in rules intended to broaden the field beyond familiar nominees, newcomers included Fox's critically acclaimed sitcom Arrested Development and CBS's drama Joan of Arcadia.
The show at the Long Beach arena will feature Julian Marley, Sean Paul, Wayne Wonder and Arrested Development.
Hypospadias, or the arrested development of several parts of the penis, including the urethra, foreskin, and ventral surface, is usually not a topic for public discussion.