arrested development

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an abnormal state in which development has stopped prematurely

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Yet Arrested Development's telling of the Bluth family saga remained a strong stew of silly, brilliant, and ridiculously baroque storytelling to the end.
And the comparison works on a titular level too - after all, is there a more definitive kind of arrested development than actually being dead?
Netflix scrapped plans for the "Arrested Development" cast to meet fans in London on Friday, saying it had decided "not to move ahead with promotional activity."
Tambor has been backed by Netflix chief Ted Sarandos and the creator of Arrested Development, Mitchell Hurwitz, who last week said accusations are "very different than proof".
The scientists involved in the new study, which was published online in the March 12 issue of the journal Nature, found 50 massive galaxies as potential candidates for "arrested development" galaxies.
The team started looking for "arrested development" galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and found 50 candidate massive compact galaxies.
Communications and other scholars from Australia, the US, South America, and Europe consider developments resulting from NetflixAEs recent success, including the all-at-once release model and its effect on consumers and critics, how the company frames its original programming as binge-worthy, and its position in the net neutrality debates; Netflix as a producer and distributor, in terms of the original series Orange Is the New Black, the revival season of FoxAEs Arrested Development, and the Sundance Film Festival documentary The Square; and NetflixAEs impact on the small and large-scale, through binge-watching, algorithmic recommendations, its influence in the UK in comparison with Sky Digital, and in Mexico.
in Arrested Development, which was just renewed for a fifth season.
The double Grammy Award-winning band will join US hip-hop icons Arrested Development on the main stage in the Public Village at DGC, with fans now set to enjoy a transatlantic music double-header from two of the leading urban acts of the past three decades.
"I love 'Arrested Development,' but it was never a huge thing.
? HIP-HOP pioneers Arrested Development will stop off at Leamington's Assembly next month when they fly over for their first full-scale UK tour.
In the last issue of Metro, I reported on the successful relaunch of former network sitcom Arrested Development, which, according to a May 2013 report in Forbes magazine, cost Netflix around US$45 million to make.
The star of Arrested Development said his two daughters, seven-year-old Francesca and Maple, two, have inspired him to do charity work.