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soft decayed area in a tooth

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gression to arrested caries is the protective formaC.
served clinically as arrested caries (dental scar tissue) As regulators are winding down the global use of dental amalgam, manufacturer's are searching for an alternative material that provides the same level of forgiveness and predictability of service plus the biomimetic properties that prevent the onset of furC.
18) Intact tooth surfaces do not discolor, (9) and blackened, arrested caries are not due exclusively to SDF alone--discoloration also occurs in arrested caries having had no intervention or after sodium fluoride varnish treatment.
Since the teeth were severely affected by the caries all the active carious lesions were removed while teeth were prepared but the teeth were discolored having arrested caries in few teeth.
18-21] A clinical study by Mertz-Fairhurst et al[18] revealed sealants arrested caries with a high degree of efficacy.