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Synonyms for arrest

Synonyms for arrest

to prevent the occurrence or continuation of a movement, action, or operation

to take into custody as a prisoner

to compel, as the attention, interest, or imagination, of

a seizing and holding by law

Synonyms for arrest

the act of apprehending (especially apprehending a criminal)

the state of inactivity following an interruption

take into custody

hold back, as of a danger or an enemy

attract and fix

cause to stop


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Under the Football (Offences) Act 1991, it is an arrestable offence to enter on to the playing area or any adjacent area to which spectators are not generally admitted without lawful authority.
He said: 'Parliament has determined that this is a criminal offence and that it will continue to be an arrestable offence.
At Birkenhead county court Ferguson, who failed to attend the hearing, was issued with an eviction order suspended for two years on condition that her home in Village Green Court,Beechwood, was not used for any illegal or immoral purpose or arrestable offence committed in its locality by Ferguson or anyone else living at or visiting her home.
They also approved Mr Blunkett's plan to reclassify cannabis from class B to class C, meaning that possession would cease to be an arrestable offence.
It would mean possession of small amounts would no longer be an arrestable offence although cannabis would not be officially decriminalised.
He hasn't committed an arrestable offence under criminal law.
As opposed to an asbo, it means breaching the crasbo conditions is an arrestable offence in itself``Another crasbo is being prepared for another of the 12.
This streaker has committed at least two arrestable offences by showing himself in public and running on to the pitch without authority.
Caroline Flint, the parliamentary under-secretary of state for the Home Office in her speech said: 'After reclassification, cannabis will remain illegal and possession will remain an arrestable offence.
Home Secretary David Blunkett is to take the final steps of reclassifying cannabis from Class B to Class C this summer, meaning possession will only be an arrestable offence in extreme circumstances.
Home Secretary David Blunkett has proposed reclassifying the drug in a move that would no longer make possession an arrestable offence.
In the first relaxation of British drugs laws for 30 years Home Secretary David Blunkett wants to move the drug from Class B to Class C, meaning possession will no longer be an arrestable offence and ranking its harmfulness alongside tranquillisers and anabolic steroids.
A special ad hoc firework police force must be created to make it an arrestable criminal offence to break the law.
Harassing a worker at home will become an arrestable offence and courts will be able to bar campaigners from going near a particular address for three months.
This streaker committed at least two arrestable offences by showing himself in public and running on to the pitch without authority.