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Synonyms for arrest

Synonyms for arrest

to prevent the occurrence or continuation of a movement, action, or operation

to take into custody as a prisoner

to compel, as the attention, interest, or imagination, of

a seizing and holding by law

Synonyms for arrest

the act of apprehending (especially apprehending a criminal)

the state of inactivity following an interruption

take into custody

hold back, as of a danger or an enemy

attract and fix

cause to stop


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It is not illegal to drink alcohol and hotels have licences in most of the Emirates, but it is an arrestable offence to be drunk in a public place.
Former Home Secretary David Blunkett announced that cannabis would be downgraded from class B to class C, meaning that possession was no longer an arrestable offence and the change took place in January 2004.
It should be made an arrestable offence not to carry such documents as a driving licence, gun licence, fishing licence even and many others which at present are simply left at home.
Despite being downgraded from class B to C in 2004, cannabis possession remains an arrestable offence punishable by up to two years in prison.
Speeding is not an arrestable offence, so no caution is required.
It is now an arrestable offence to possess air weapons, toy guns or replica firearms in public.
The practical significance of an injunction under the Act is that any breach by the defendant is an arrestable offence.
And in a move designed to clean up inner city 'red light' areas, the bill will make kerb crawling an arrestable offence.
But fans must be made aware that it's an arrestable offense to invade the pitch and that has been made known to all those who will visit the UK.
Labour said Mr Mitchell was either accusing the member of Scotland Yard's Diplomatic Protection Group, SO6, of lying or he must have used the foul language, potentially an arrestable offence.
The teenager is banned from causing a nuisance or annoyance to anyone living in the area, or committing an arrestable offence in Second Avenue.
Maybe not arrestable offences, but they certainly warrant a caution.
Former Home Secretary David Blunkett announced in 2001 that cannabis would be downgraded from class B to class C, meaning possession was no longer an arrestable offence.
They enable us to confiscate open bottles and cans within the designated area and failure to hand over the alcohol is an arrestable offence.
A further condition was that no person living at or visiting her home was to be convicted of using the premises for any illegal or immoral purposes or commit any arrestable offences.