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Synonyms for arrears

Synonyms for arrears

something, such as money, owed by one person to another

a condition of owing something to another

Words related to arrears

the state of being behind in payments

an unpaid overdue debt

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328 million arrears are outstanding against Education, Rs.
In light of the queries received, the Cash/Bond Administrator felt it would be helpful to provide an update on the transaction records and reports on arrears performance and how this has been impacted by certain Financial Services Authority ("FSA") led regulatory changes.
It has recently been reported that there has been a rise in the number of evictions as a result of tenants falling into arrears.
Authority says paying is not priority for people COUNCIL tenants in Flintshire owe more than pounds 1 million in rent arrears, latest figures have revealed.
com)-- National Rent Arrears Conference - Monday, 11th July 2011 in Central London
New Delhi, Aug 25(ANI): The Central Government on Tuesday announced that it would pay the second installment of the Sixth Pay Commission arrears to its employees, estimated to be about five million employees.
LANDLORDS are getting tough on tenants failing to pay their rent after arrears last year topped pounds 750,000.
Cumulative payment arrears for local government nontax revenue totaled 251.
SCOTLAND'S local authorities lost out on pounds 50million last year as a result of rent arrears and empty council houses.
The consolidation of the fledgling but all-important African Union (AU) is being held back by arrears in membership contributions that have now accumulated to almost US$45.
Haitian banks have agreed to lend their cash-strapped government US$30 million to pay arrears to the Inter-American Development Bank and move a step closer to receiving millions of dollars in frozen aid, officials said.
A LABOUR council let one of the party's social clubs run up rent arrears of pounds 40,000.
Under financing agreements, Leverage Leasing paid interest in arrears that accrued in 1984 but, by the terms of the loan, was not actually due for payment until the following tax year.
2 million underlying mortgage, $4 million in notes due to the holder of unsold shares, arrears in excess of $500,000, 49 percent unsold units/shares, and an urgent need for total window replacement, lintel replacement, roof replacement and brick pointing.
CALGARY, October 1 /CNW-PRN/ - In response to a request from the Toronto Stock Exchange, Gulf Canada Resources Limited today clarified its position with respect to dividend arrears on its Series 1 and Series 2 Preferred Shares.