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Synonyms for arrears

Synonyms for arrears

something, such as money, owed by one person to another

a condition of owing something to another

Words related to arrears

the state of being behind in payments

an unpaid overdue debt

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The Bank financial statements showed Iran had no arrearages through the end of 2010.
Underlying Concepts for Calculation of Statutory Interest on Support Arrearages
A) the amount of child support arrearage or retroactive child support due and the date on which such amounts were determined;
Once performance of the Chapter 13 plan has been completed, the debtor should have cured all pre-petition arrearages and maintained all regular monthly payments, thus leaving the mortgage contractually current.
Mortgage modification] The structure of a loan is changed to allow the arrearages to be attached to the end of the mortgage.
E took detailed steps to ensure that T's president addressed the deficiency and remained current on the payroll taxes thereafter, steps that might have proved successful if not for the concealment of the continuing arrearages.
Additional sanctions were imposed in the late 1990s because of Pakistan's nuclear testing, the military coup by now president Pervez Musharraf, and arrearages on debt repayment.
The FTB now collects arrearages, but it has been mandated by the state to develop a statewide, automated child support system.
Because the tenants are allowed to build up large arrearages, by the time the court requires then to pay the rent, they have spent the money.
Other indications of possible financial difficulties, including defaults on loans or similar agreements, dividend arrearages, denials of usual trade credit from suppliers, restructuring of debt, noncompliance with statutory capital requirements and the need to seek new sources or methods of financing or to dispose of substantial assets.
7 million from this offering have been used to repurchase and retire Senior Secured Notes, to repay indebtedness under the Senior Bank Facility and to pay outstanding dividend arrearages on the Company's Preferred Shares.
Loans to borrowers in a country with protracted arrearages, as indicated by at least two of the following conditions, receive this evaluation: the country of the borrower has not paid full interest for at least six months; it has not complied with an IMF-supported or similar program and has no immediate prospects for doing so; it has not met its obligations on rescheduled debt for one year or more; or it has no definite prospect for an olderly restoration of debt service.
The AP class is backed by arrearages and the rating downgrade reflects the bond's current under-collateralization status and the limited arrearage cash flow it has received in the past 12 months.
The City of Bridgeport, Connecticut is seeking proposals from qualified collections and law firms for the collection of debts due and owing to the City including, but not limited to, arrearages related to real and personal property taxes; WPCA fees and assessments; anti-blight fines; delinquent motor vehicle violation penalties ; sidewalk repair reimbursements; City property damage assessments and any other debts deemed suitable for referral to collection by the City s Finance Department.