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Synonyms for arrearage

a condition of owing something to another

something, such as money, owed by one person to another

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Thus, a prepaid system can have reduction of fraud or nonpayment of bills (Tewari and Shah 2003), and reduced financial risks from arrearage (Bandyopadhyay 2008; Ogujorand Otasowie 2010).
As a result, any support arrearage payments falling due in 2011 would have two separate interest rate calculations depending on the quarter in which they were missed.
B) the obligor's total child support arrearage and retroactive support payment;
Based on the clustering technique in data mining, this paper focuses on the problem of finding abnormal outliers in large data set by using Kohonen neural network clustering algorithm, and gives the specific method to forecast the behavior of malicious arrearage.
During that time, the debtor will have paid a significant sum to the lender to cure the pre-bankruptcy arrearage and to maintain current payments.
This fiscal year 2002 annual report of the Library of Congress (LC) Cataloging Directorate covers the following topics: (1) production and productivity; (2) arrearage reduction; (3) the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001; (4) cooperative cataloging programs; (5) conversion of LC records in Chinese from Wade-Giles to pinyin romanization; (6) labeling of hardbound books; (7) staffing and personnel management; (8) cataloging policy; (9) Electronic Resources Cataloging/ Library of Congress Action Plan; (10) Bibliographic Enrichment Advisory Team; (11) Cataloging in Publication; (12) Dewey Decimal Classification; (13) support for the LC ILS and automation; (14) training and outreach; and (15) collaboration with other directorates.
Money owed to the state, (not the family) is on average the largest part of child support arrearage (66 percent) across the states, but ranges from 85 percent of the total owed in Connecticut to 26 percent in Nevada.
an unprocessed arrearage in the Library of 1,670,161 volumes-that is to say, better than a million and a half of the six million volumes and pamphlets (exclusive of maps, music, manuscripts, prints, etc.
A notice of lien will be issued immediately, unless a business is actively trying to obtain financing to pay the arrearage or there is some doubt about the trust fund liability.
At issuance, the transactions contained seasoned loans which were delinquent or had previously been delinquent and still had an unpaid outstanding arrearage amount.
The additional requirements, which apply to this Fannie Mae non-performing loan sale, encourage sustainable modifications that have the potential to provide more borrowers the opportunity for home retention by requiring evaluation of underwater borrowers for modifications that may include principal and/or arrearage forgiveness; forbidding walking away from vacant homes; and establishing more specific proprietary loan modification standards.
At that, the arrearage of the bank sector to the regulator remained at the former level, and demand of credit organizations grew at the direct REPO auction.
Paragraph 6 must be completed to show what percentage, if any, of a one time payment made to the obligor should be applied to any arrearage in support that may be due to the obligee.
The overarching focus of the agency is not assistance give-aways but rather programs, such as the arrearage management program, intended to help people achieve self-sufficiency.