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Synonyms for arrearage

a condition of owing something to another

something, such as money, owed by one person to another

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The package includes bills to increase criminal penalties for non-compliance as well as increase the amount required for bail of someone who is arrested for outstanding arrearage.
Certain of the statements in this news release are forward-looking statements, including statements regarding the amount and timing of an arrearage distribution to unitholders and the possible acquisition of qualified oil and gas assets.
The Agreement states that the company will declare and pay a cash dividend of $100,000 on the Outstanding Preferred Stock and exchange 3,500,000 shares of a new 2000 Convertible Preferred Stock (the "New Preferred Stock") for the 3,000,000 shares of the Outstanding Preferred Stock and cancellation of the $500,000 balance of the Dividend Arrearage.
based diversified financial services company specializing in the acquisition of structured settlements, lottery receivables and life settlements, has clearly set an example for other financial institutions to follow, as the company has paid more than $235,000 in child support arrearages and more than $238,000 in liens/judgments over the past eighteen months.
The bank are starting the new month with negative value of the net liquid position (difference between remains of the banks at correspondent accounts and deposits in CB and arrearage to the regulator and the Federal budget) is at the level of 1.
After the first tax payments, banks are building up arrearage to CBR.
Note, the CBR added 60 bn RUR to the oneaday REPO limit on Thursday, which was immediately applied by banks, which built up their arrearage to the regulator.
Each mortgage loan defaulted, was assigned to HUD, and was given forbearance relief during which interest arrearages accreted without accruing interest on such arrearage.
At the money market, banks continue reducing the arrearage to CBR on REPO auction.
As of the cut-off date there is $924,173 representing interest due on or before the cut-off date but not received prior to it (the interest arrearage amount).
Sum remains and arrearage of the bank sector on Tuesday did not change significantly and the negative value of the net liquidity (difference between the remains of banks at correspondent accounts and deposits in CBR and the arrearage to the regulatorand federal budget) remained a bit over the level of 900 bn RUR.
Even if the owner of the unit is not receiving the rent, which is now going directly to the co-op, the money, she explained, would still be applied to the maintenance charges of the apartment and toward reducing arrearage owed by the owner.
Arrearage of banks and IBC rates reduced before the new tax period started.
Giving effect to the July 1, 1994, omission, the total dividend arrearage will be $967,122.