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Synonyms for array

Synonyms for array

to dress in formal or special clothing

an impressive or ostentatious exhibition

a number of individuals making up or considered a unit

showy and elaborate clothing or apparel

Synonyms for array

an impressive display

Related Words

especially fine or decorative clothing

an arrangement of aerials spaced to give desired directional characteristics

Related Words

lay out orderly or logically in a line or as if in a line

align oneself with a group or a way of thinking


References in classic literature ?
The sight of these presents mollified the chieftain, who had, doubtless, been previously rendered considerate by the resolute conduct of the white men, the judicious disposition of their little armament, the completeness of their equipments, and the compact array of battle which they presented.
Hector on the other side set the Trojans in array. Thereon Neptune and Hector waged fierce war on one another--Hector on the Trojan and Neptune on the Argive side.
She bound her sandals on to her feet, and when she had arrayed herself perfectly to her satisfaction, she left her room and called Venus to come aside and speak to her.
Then the front ranks began to surge slowly forward, to trot, to canter, to gallop, and in an instant the whole vast array was hurtling onward, line after line, the air full of the thunder of their cries, the ground shaking with the beat of their hoots, the valley choked with the rushing torrent of steel, topped by the waving plumes, the slanting spears and the fluttering banderoles.
The vanguard halted a long bow shot from the hill, and with waving spears and vaunting shouts challenged their enemies to come forth, while two cavaliers, pricking forward from the glittering ranks, walked their horses slowly between the two arrays with targets braced and lances in rest like the challengers in a tourney.
These ends he tied together, under the armpits; and thus arrayed, presented himself once more before the captain, with an air of perfect self-satisfaction, as though he thought it impossible for any fault to be found with his toilet.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 19, 2019-: LED Array Market Heading High with Exclusive Territorial Market Share Gain | 2024
[USPRwire, Wed Aug 07 2019] Nucleic acid array is the nucleic acid technology that uses a large number of nucleic acid samples that are bound to solid substrates such as silicon and glass microscope slides.
American pharmaceutical major Pfizer would acquire Array Biopharma to expand its portfolio of cancer drugs.
Earlier Excel editions provide similar array functionality but require the user to select the entire output range and then enter the array formula by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter.
In antenna theory, a phased array usually means an electronically scanned array, a computer-controlled array of antennas which creates a beam of radio waves that can be electronically steered to point in different directions without moving the antennas.
This article proposes a rapid fabrication method for the production of various molds for the replication of polymer lens arrays. The method involves ultrasonic vibration embossing with a polymer substrate and small steel ball array.
As we will show in the next sections, this approach allowed us to recover the main radiation properties of a doubly wedge-deformed planar array when its beam is tilted up to 40[degrees].
GEM Energy, of the Rudolph Libbe Group in Walbridge, Ohio, is commencing construction on the second phase of Ohio Northern University's (ONU) solar initiative with a 1-megawatt solar array.