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a wall hanging of heavy handwoven fabric with pictorial designs

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Zat Arras commands me to bring our 'prisoners' before him.
You know full well, my friend," I said, smiling, "that Zat Arras has good cause to hate me.
Kaor, Zat Arras," I said in greeting, but he did not respond.
They are not prisoners, Zat Arras," replied the officer.
It is not enough for me, however," retorted Zat Arras.
I have just come from the Valley Dor and the Land of the First Born, Zat Arras," I replied.
One does not call John Carter "coward" and "liar" thus lightly, and Zat Arras should have known it.
Come I from heaven or hell, Zat Arras, you will find me still the same John Carter that I have always been; nor did ever man call me such names and live--without apologizing.
cried Zat Arras, and a dozen officers sprang forward to assist him.
At his words I released Zat Arras and, turning my back upon him, walked toward the ship's rail.
Zat Arras stood white and trembling amidst his officers.
Kantos Kan was sombre in contemplation of the further calamity that might fall upon Helium should Zat Arras attempt to follow the age-old precedent that allotted a terrible death to fugitives from the Valley Dor.
When we reached Helium there must be an accounting, and if Tardos Mors had not returned I feared that the enmity of Zat Arras might weigh heavily against us, for he represented the government of Helium.
He came from the pits through the corridor that opened behind the arras at the rear of the throne, and passing into The Hall of Chiefs took his place upon the back of a riderless thoat, whose warrior was in I-Gos' repair room.
By the time they reached the arras behind which he had disappeared, they found a heavy stone door blocking their further progress.