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Instead, it contends that the reimbursement arrangement requirement should not be deemed satisfied simply because "the non-employee taxpayer is able, as an economic matter, to pass the cost on to its customers.
Both the artichoke arrangement and floral watermelon centerpiece, for instance, hold up well and can be made a day ahead.
Cross licensing arrangements generally involve two parties licensing a group of patents or other intellectual property.
An OIG advisory opinion is a legal opinion issued by the OIG to a party about its fraud and abuse authorities to the party's proposed business arrangement.
Granting an additional benefit under an existing arrangement that consists solely of a deferral of additional compensation not otherwise provided under the plan as of October 3, 2004.
Slide some pennies around on a table, and it quickly becomes clear that exactly six pennies can kiss a central penny, forming a hexagonal arrangement.
If one of the intentions of such an arrangement is to cause referrals of laboratory tests from the SNF, it would be a direct violation of the anti-kickback statutes.
Seven states have reciprocal contractual arrangements with New York, and with minimal effort, licensed New York brokers may obtain reciprocal brokerage licenses.
From the nursing home's perspective, the benefits of a leasing arrangement include the development of a subacute program without significant capital costs for construction and start-up development; the hospital as a predictable source of appropriate patients; access to hospital expertise, personnel, and resources; and independent control over the governance structure of the subacute facility and its revenues.
Answers to the ten questions most asked by litigators about when to enter into alternative fee arrangements, what type of arrangement to use for a particular legal engagement, and how to structure the arrangement so that it satisfies the client and is still economically profitable for the litigator
409A does not cover any severance arrangement contained in a collectively bargained agreement (determined by the Department of Labor to have been arrived at in good-faith, arm's-length negotiations between management and labor) either for an involuntary separation or as part of a so-called window program.
Deferred compensation" generally refers to an arrangement to pay an employee for services well after the services are performed.
Notice 2002-8 contains no-inference language that may support such a strategy while the arrangement is in effect.
These berries can be used to vivify an arrangement that is nothing but stems and leaves.