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a legal document calling someone to court to answer an indictment

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MANILA -- Commission on Elections commissioner Grace Padaca defended her non-appearance in her arraignment for graft and malversation at the Sandiganbayan last week, saying she did so on the advice of her lawyers.
Superior Court spokesman Allan Parachini said the court is prepared to open two arraignment courts Monday and Tuesday if necessary to handle the anticipated large number of arraignments.
With arraignments via video-conferencing, more than a typical day's worth of cases can be completed in about two hours.
OTCBB: SMRL), a leading provider of software solutions for device rich environments, announced today that it has joined the Polycom ARENA program to provide digital arraignment solutions to local, state and regional governments.
The jurists are embroiled in a long-running spat with prosecutors over how many arraignment courts are needed to handle the daily caseload.
Digital Arraignment Market a Major Growth Opportunity for Company
The judges have resisted opening another court, insisting that detectives and prosecutors investigate and review cases faster so all arraignments can be done in a day.
Karen Terteryan's arraignment has been rescheduled to Dec.
Video conferencing eases current financial pressure and allows for unlimited new applications such as video-enabled courtroom appearances for inmates and witnesses, psychiatric evaluations, rehabilitative distance learning, meetings between inmates and legal counsel, remote expert witness testimony, video arraignments and parole board hearings.
All three boys remained in custody awaiting their arraignments on charges of murder and assault by means of force likely to produce great bodily injury in Sylmar Juvenile Court.
In addition, beginning this fall, Paulding County will use the 3Com network to videoconference court arraignments, allowing the county to eliminate the costs and security risks associated with transporting inmates to and from the jail and the courthouse.
Isaacson's remarks outside the Ventura County Hall of Justice came after lawyers for the three defendants delayed their arraignments until June 19 on felony charges of conspiracy to commit blackmail and attempted blackmail.
Eventually, cameras could be used for court arraignments, reducing the need for inmate buses to travel between jails and courts.
With 29 remote sites -- or endpoints -- located throughout the state, the state's courts can use videoconferencing to facilitate numerous court activities such as testimony and arraignments.
With videoconferencing equipment installed in courtrooms and detention centers, prisoners will not need to leave the holding facility for their arraignments.