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Synonyms for arraign

Synonyms for arraign

to make an accusation against

Words related to arraign

accuse of a wrong or an inadequacy

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Curiax Arraigner and Digital Arraignment are trademarks of Simtrol, Inc.
Digital Arraignment and Curiax Arraigner are trademarks of Simtrol, Inc.
Curiax and Curiax Arraigner are trademarks of Justice Digital Solutions, LLC.
The Curiax Arraigner product was developed and tested in conjunction with Polycom, which joins IBM and Mainline Information Systems, a major IBM Solutions provider, as JDS' partners in Curiax's national sales and marketing rollout.
The entire Arraigner solution pays for itself in approximately 12 to 18 months and continues to provide significant dollar savings and safety benefits every year thereafter.
Derived from the Latin phrase "amicus curiae", meaning "friend of the court", Curiax Arraigner customers will enjoy the same benefits experienced by Oakland County including: increased safety at courts, jails, and holding cells by virtually eliminating offender transport; demonstrable return on investment for counties by reducing costs of incarceration, transportation, and payroll costs; increased productivity by enabling law enforcement agencies to prepare booking documents online and create digital case files on a central server; and, allowing redeployment of officers to street duty to increase first responder capabilities.
Curiax Arraigner is a unified solution that tracks and records all prisoner case information--audio, video, documents, evidence, and electronic signatures into a digital case file that provides efficient processing from booking through arraignment and eliminates the inherent dangers associated with prisoner transport.
Derived from the Latin phrase "amicus curiae," meaning "friend of the court," Curiax Arraigner builds on the successful implementation of OakVideo, an application developed by Oakland County, Michigan.
Led by the initial rollout of Curiax Arraigner, the goal of JDS is to develop and sell these solutions to county, state and federal customers so they can increase public safety and workflow efficiencies while reducing costs.