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any of various strong liquors distilled from the fermented sap of toddy palms or from fermented molasses

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Perhaps he had succumbed to temptation to sample the arrack extensively during the long voyage and continued to do so after landing at Kupang.
The chapter covers three types of drinks: traditional or homemade drinks such as arrack from India or kachasu from Zambia; mass produced illicit alcohol; and surrogate alcohol which includes medicinal products, cosmetics etc.
Ceylon Arrack, a spirit made from the sap of coconut flowers, is looking to boost its off-trade presence.
There was an arrack joint -- till the brew was banned -- in the heart of the city that did good business with the claim that the superstar used to drink there.
In Jallikattu, well fed and groomed bulls, often pepped up with considerable doses of toddy or country liquor known as arrack are brought to the main street in the village.
Some goes to distillers and becomes a rather fierce coconut spirit called arrack, which I also tried.
The mukkuvars (fishermen) and arrack sellers also resided near the seashore.
In peacetime, he was a chancer and a womaniser, familiar with the brothels of British India, who carried with him a terrible thirst for arrack, a locally concocted spirit, popularly known as "billy-stink", which enraged its drinkers.
The local brew like toddy, arrack and Mahua are different addictives used in different parts of the country in different occasions like harvest, marriage, birth or death of child or during celebration of local festival (19).
The problem is that the Navy and the Air Force focus on airborne electronic arrack, which is not as useful for Army operations, Buckhout says.
The arrack they buy from the illegal distillers costs four rupees a glass;
In Woolf in Ceylon: An Imperial Journey in the Shadow of Leonard Woolf, 1904-1911, author Christopher Ondaatje writes of travelling south along the west coast of that island state from Colombo to Galle, and I remember driving the same route, looking out at the fishers on stilts in the Indian Ocean, and up at the toddy-tappers dancing on ropes strung between palm trees, so marvellous we stopped to sample the toddy that would later be distilled into harsh-tasting arrack.
But Atkins described the circumstances under which Raven, master of the Britannia, had obtained his cargo and noted that 'the Private trade consists of Arrack 164 Gall.
Readers cut ebony, helm a ship, brew arrack, grow sugar, run a chain gang of prisoners across snowy Europe, and travel among the lilies, lions, and hippos into an Africa entirely unfamiliar to Europeans.
In return, Syria would phase out duties on drinks including alcoholic aromatic bitters over three years, arrack over six years, brandies, whisky, rum, taffia, gin, vodka, liqueurs, cordials, cherry spirit, calvados, Tequila, beer, Vermouth and other flavoured wines over 12 years.