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an obsolete firearm with a long barrel

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The firepower of the Wagenburg decimated attackers, stopped German cavalry, and gave the infantry a safe place to reload their arquebuses.
Ils chargent leurs arquebuses, & font une salve fort gentille >> (Lalemand 1959 : 178-180).
It was a chivalrous and whimsical scene, resembling the Old Testament pictures painted in Cranach's studio during the years of the Schmalkaldic League: the pikes, arquebuses and bellying striped tents of the imperial camp; the encircled town commanded by Sibylle in a flush of demure feminine valour, neatly resolute, flitting up and down the fortifications, protecting her sons' future; the noble greybeard, admired on all sides, sagely taking home his largesse from camp to town.
Most historians agree that in the 1443-44 wars against the Hungarians and at the second battle of Kosovo (1448) the Ottomans used tufek, which were either arquebuses or small cannons.
Les armes dont ils se servent communement sont la lance, & l'arc, Il y en a cependant, qui ont des fusils & des arquebuses rayees, & les plus riches portent des jacques de maille.