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a chord whose notes are played in rapid succession rather than simultaneously

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Starting with some basic theory of the major and minor keys, chords and arpeggios, and cadences, plus the circle of fifths, perfect fourths and perfect fifths, the book continues to present scales, chords, inversions, arpeggios and cadences in all major and minor keys.
The arpeggios are in three-note inversion style: root position, first inversion, second inversion ascending, then descending after a pause on the tonic note.
From the piano's opening descending seven-octave arpeggio sequence, the large audience was captivated by the spontaneity of his playing with no hint of routine.
Chandeliers chimed to her arpeggios, chords like prisms hovering brilliante, crescendoing on the Continent and crossing the Atlantic.
BRITISH Oscar-winning composer Emma Portman (Emma) has produced yet another of her trademark scores, full of piano arpeggios and jaunty clarinets.
With this plug-in, any conceivable set of scales and arpeggios can be created, allowing educators to craft exercises for their students in an instant.
The book focuses on 10 fingerings of one-octave root inversion seventh chord arpeggios (major, minor, dominant, diminished and augmented) voiced from the third and fourth strings, fingerings are included at times.
Beginning with a guide to reading a full music staff and score and progressing to basic components of theory, including rhythm/time signatures, key signatures, 8th, 16th, 32nd notes and rests, accidentals, intervals, order of sharps and flats, major and minor keys and scales, dynamics and articulation, repeats, tempo, triads, arpeggios, inversions, and seventh chords.
An insider said: "Carey's Florence is leader of a string quartet, who dreams of giving recitals atWigmore Hall, and next week the actress will begin working with a violin teacher so at least she can look as if she knows how to handle the instrument when she's playing her scales and arpeggios.
com, musicians throughout the world will enjoy learning the scales, arpeggios, lyrics and all the other notation necessary to play and sing all their favorite Disney songs.
In the latter, she was a gale force, answering Tchaikovsky's arpeggios with quadruple pirouettes and the fortissimos with yard-high pas de chats.
Ferried along by his mantra-like guitar arpeggios, he worked his way through his 'catalogue of miserable songs' at one of Glasgow's best-loved musical institutions, lightening the mood in between with wry humour and bizarre observations.
Its few motifs were undistinguished: woodwind arpeggios, brass fanfares, harp glissandos, tremulous strings and, for those really important moments, drum bursts.
Cascades of arpeggios and rhythmic ostinatos are dominant characteristics in a post-modern mix of classical and rock/pop traditions.
At first, this notation feature will be used to display scales, arpeggios, exercises and other music designed to develop skills.