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Synonyms for arouser

someone who rouses others from sleep

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About Fiera(TM) Co-created with women and sexual health professionals, Fiera Arouser for Her(TM) is the first ever hands-free wearable intimacy "prehancer(TM)," proven to spark arousal and desire and a more satisfying sexual experience for women.
The company is creating a new category in women's sexual wellness with the introduction of Fiera(TM) Arouser for Her(TM), the first scientifically proven, wearable arousal technology designed to enhance intimacy.
The pitch of human voice is the US based on which the cues for identifying the sex of an arouser evolve.
With the success of this summer's World Cup behind it, football at both club and international level retains its position as the number one arouser of sporting passions - an intoxicating mixture of spectacle and profit-making opportunities.
Roy, 43, from Birmingham, contacted consumer watchdogs in the city after a Durex Arouser 12-pack failed to make the earth move for his wife.
Sexual themes rank among the strongest arousers available" (Zillmann 1988:153).
The passion arousers are sold along with two regular condoms in packs of three.