around the clock

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without stopping

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the 2004 performance of Around the Clock at the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter.
Hence tool-design efforts continue around the clock.
Asda research suggested customers wanted the option of late night shopping, explained Asda chief operating officer Paul Mason: "From a full weekly shop to those last minute emergencies, customers tell us that they like Rollback around the clock.
This level of immediate service is not broadly available around the clock in Crestar's marketplace," Rand said.
The expansion project underway confirms our long-term commitment to the Jacksonville business community and ensures our ability to provide customers with proven solutions for maintaining around the clock availability, security and integrity of their critical data and business applications.
FUNDRAISERS are planning a walk around the block to raise awareness of a charity that works around the clock.
We have 130 people in the electrical services department, and they're working around the clock to fix this stuff,'' echoed Bill Hall, Glendale electrical services administrator.
Seven days a week, around the clock, USA TODAY SportsRadio updates the latest scores, live, every 15 minutes.
Over 119 LADWP electric crew members are working around the clock to restore power as quickly and safely as possible.
We will work around the clock, in 24-hour shifts,'' to bring the Waystation into compliance, Colette said.
and continuing around the clock through December, traffic on the Parkway West inbound just south of the Thorn Run Interchange, will be reduced to a single lane for about one mile (heading inbound) during pavement rehabilitation.
s Rose Palace in Pasadena, Glendale's crews on Friday began gluing on live petals of red carnations to portions of the city float, called ``Rock Around the Clock,'' a tribute to Bob's Big Boy restaurant.