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Here at Around the Bend we strive to provide the highest quality tuition.
Around the Bend, Smith's sophomore album is a mix of storytelling and sonic experimentation.
Had this vehicle had ABS-type brakes, it's possible the wheels would not have locked and the car would have been able to go around the bend.
There was no way of alerting the infantrymen around the bend of the road and I expected to hear a machine gun, BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle), or Garand rifle open up any moment.
Just around the bend is Arnold Shriver's health plan.
AROUND THE BEND In two other independently derived but similar invisibility techniques, researchers propose using a shell of metamaterials to distort the ordinarily straight paths along which electromagnetic fields extend through space.
CORRECTION: Lest there be any misunderstanding, Time magazine's own summary of its alarmist special issue actually is less hysterical than the coverage itself--which would have readers believe that planetary devastation and destruction are just around the bend.
April Spring break is around the bend, and you need one.
However, the bright future is always around the bend, with almost constant advancements in medicine that keep us going longer, stronger, and with less rehab time than ever before.
This memoir is entertaining and vivid, with a surprise always around the bend.
Other analysis of the historical importance of Bryant's "three-way option" is mere speculation; however, a true double read triple option was just around the bend and a few states over from Alabama.
And hey, hang in there, because winter will be done before you know it and summer 2005 is just around the bend.
And after traversing the InfoComm show floor for three days and meeting with AV manufacturers; listening to our speakers at the EduComm conference; and kicking the tires during new product demos, I must admit that Kayye may not be over-hyping what's around the bend.
I have always integrated subinformation into my "compilations" and have "swerved around the bend," formally speaking.