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Synonyms for arise

Synonyms for arise

to adopt a standing posture

to leave one's bed

to move from a lower to a higher position

to begin to appear or develop

to come into being

Synonyms for arise

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The ideas and action plans that arose from the session resulted in significantly greater savings than we could have anticipated.
Most of those claims arose from a tax planning, management advisory or other consulting engagement that had morphed into business valuation in mid-transaction at the client's request.
Jaffray's debts arose from his underwriting in 1993 and prior years, before Lloyd's Reconstruction & Renewal project transferred all the market's pre-1994 liabilities to the special purpose reinsurer Equitas.
A similar lesion arose from the third molar socket in the oral cavity (figure 1).
Instead, it was allocable to the state of domicile, because it arose from an extraordinary event not in the regular course of the company's trade or business.