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  • verb

Synonyms for aromatize

to fill with a pleasant odor


Synonyms for aromatize

fill or impregnate with an odor

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According to experts from the Directorate for Health and Consumer Policy, these types of aromatized tobacco technically have no major effect on the taste of cigarettes and are not very dangerous and therefore the ban does not apply to them.
But the origin of the aromatized wine dates back as far as 4.
As seen in Figure 1, some hormones, such as androstenedione and testosterone, are aromatized into forms of estrogen.
Wines have been characterized by color, flavor, alcohol content and aroma and also classified as still, sparkling, fortified, aromatized and sweet wines [4].
2496810 Lemonades, soda water and other sweetened or unsweetened aerated beverages, syrups (scented or unscented) for drinks, fresh or preserved fruit juices, fruit nectars, fruit drinks, non-alcoholic drinks and preparations for making beverages (except coffee-based, tea-based or cocoa-based beverages and milk beverages), aerated and non-aerated mineral water, spring waters, table waters, aromatized water, beers, non-alcoholic aperitifs, dealcoholised drinks, whey beverages; all included in Class 32.
Quady calls its Deviation ``a tasty new kind of aromatized dessert wine.
This goes the same for nearly every chronic condition; changing the diet to a whole-foods base and increasing physical activity will assist in weight loss (thereby decreasing the amount of testosterone that is aromatized to estrogen) and will also serve to lower sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG).
49 Marks: 30/60 Aromatized Alcohol Free White Wine pounds 2.
Bartenders are creatively using aromatized and fortified wines, amari, bitters and distinctively flavored liqueurs to mix up delicious sips with just a little kick.
1994), and both testosterone and androstenedione may be aromatized to estrogens or reduced to dihydrotestosterone in peripheral tissues (Longcope 1996).
As a precursor to testosterone and estrogen, DHEA can be converted peripherally to androstenedione, testosterone, and dihydrotestosterone, and aromatized to estrogen.
In contrast to the deficits induced by exposure to these estrogenic compounds, no significant effects were elicited by exposure to the anti-androgenic contaminant p,p'-DDE, or 17 [alpha]-MeT, a synthetic androgen that is not aromatized to [E.
Like at most contemporary bars, other European aperitif and aromatized wines are used interchangeably here with vermouth.