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By adding just a few drops of specially formulated true essential oil-based fragrances, you can also use the Mini-Max to aromatize or deodorize the air in your home.
The ligustilide was found to aromatize upon chromatography and standing in solution, leading us to conclude that the active principle is released from the plant matrix upon heating.
In 1997, a key collection edited by Susan Aromatize and Elizabeth Jameson titled Writing the Range: Race, Class, and Culture in the Women's West demonstrated the huge variety of issues still demanding scholarly attention.
Brogan, Donna J., "Pitfalls of using standard statistical software packages for sample survey data." In: Peter Aromatize & Theodore Colton, eds., Encyclopedia of Biostatistics.
However, reverse is the case for the high dose, where more E2 is available and compete more with endogenous E2 for the steroid hormone binding protein carrier and with DHT for aromatization to occur in its favour since T is irreversibly aromatize to E2 by the action of aromatase enzymes.
The Life Extension Foundation[R] long ago recognized that maturing men have a propensity to convert (aromatize) testosterone into estrogen.
Shippen is greatly concerned with men who "aromatize," meaning that they convert testosterone into estrogen, leading to an excess estrogen state.
Furthermore, osteoblasts possess the capacity to aromatize androgens to estrogens, thereby providing a local site for regulation (42).