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  • verb

Synonyms for aromatize

to fill with a pleasant odor


Synonyms for aromatize

fill or impregnate with an odor

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More than 80% of circulating estradiol in men is derived from the aromatization of testosterone.
Aromatase and 17-beta-hydroxysteroid activities are increased in the fat cells, and peripheral aromatization increases with the increase in weight.
2] generated from condensation and aromatization reactions progressively increased with increasing temperature.
Mehdi Rashidzadeh, head of catalyst and nanotechnology research center of the Research Institute of the Petroleum Industry, said aromatization catalyst production has been indigenized and its mass production will start soon.
No information was available on what proportion of women had oophorectomies since this results not only in less estrogen aromatization in bone and fat, but also less circulating androgenic hormones to maintain bone density.
The O/C ratio is considered as an indicator of carbohydrate and carboxylic group contents and can be directly related to aromatization of the peat-forming organic matter (Anderson & Hepburn, 1986).
The archaeal aromatization of cholesterol generating norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine was also detected [16].
21], proposed that carvacrol biosynthesis pathway renders as follows: [gamma]-terpinene is the component involved in the aromatization process which results in the formation of p-cymene, the precursor of possible oxygenated derivatives, thymol or carvacrol.
Isoflavones cause a reduction in estradiol levels by decreasing peripheral aromatization of androgens (10,11) and inhibiting aromatase activity in preadipocytes (29).
Although liver cirrhosis also causes gynecomastia, due to the increase of aromatization, the patient was taken off spironolactone after the FDG-PET/CT examination, and his symptoms disappeared.
Aromatization and antioxidant capacity in the testis of seasonally breeding bank voles: effects of LH, PRL and IGF-I.
Plasma sex steroids and tissue aromatization in hatchling Zebra Finch: implications for sexual differentiation of singing behavior.