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Synonyms for aromatize

to fill with a pleasant odor


Synonyms for aromatize

fill or impregnate with an odor

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More than 80% of circulating estradiol in men is derived from the aromatization of testosterone.
Explanation of this phenomenon may be (1) aromatization of exogenous androgen to estrogen, and (2) inhibition of the biosynthesis of the endogenous androgen in genotypic males (Piferrer and Donaldson, 1991; Hornung et al.
Histological examinations of the tamoxifen and letrozole treated gonads showed well differentiated testicular cells showing spermatozoa in seminiferous tubules suggesting that the sex reversal was male hormone (testosterone) based since letrozole blocked the aromatization process [12,37] while tamoxifen inhibited receptor binding.
During the reproductive years estradiol (E2) in women is produced mainly by the granulosa cells of the ovaries through the aromatization of androstenedione to estrone.
The second step of degradation, 370-600[degrees]C with the maximum at 412[degrees]C, is characteristic to AN aromatization and graphitization [59-61], The template-containing pearls, S-MIP-AN:AA-90:10, have the first thermal event around 100[degrees]C, with a maximum speed of degradation at 124[degrees]C, when sclareol from pearls is decomposing.
Furthermore, the conversion of higher-plant triterpenoids in sediments into aromatic hydrocarbons is through the release of oxygen functional groups and subsequent aromatization of the rings (Johns, 1986; Radke, 1987; Rullkotter et al, 1994; Akaegbobi et al, 2000).
If a post-menopausal woman is obese, peripheral conversion of adrenal derived androstenedione to estrone by aromatization of fat might stimulate the growth of leiomyomas.
Whereas the androgens testosterone (T) and dihydrotestosterone exert dominant influence on male reproductive physiology and pathology, aromatization of T to [E.
It is believed that high levels of circulating estrogen created by adipose tissue convert androstenedione to estrone, and there is aromatization of androgens.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's petrochemical plants will no longer need to use foreign aromatization catalyst as the country is growing self-sufficient in its production.
communis berries was done by HS-SPME coupled to GC/MS for gin aromatization and more than 20 constituents have been reported [19].
Contract awarded for Installation and service in cesfam aromatization mantencio purranque
In another cohort, 202 men were randomly assigned to receive these same doses of topical testosterone plus 1 mg daily of anastrozole to block the aromatization of testosterone to estrogen.
Chemists and materials scientists explore synthesizing aromatic compounds with aromatization reactions mediated by transition metals, as an alternative to the conventional route of substitution reactions of the aromatic nucleus.
Although the exact mechanism is unclear, bone protective effects of obesity may involve increased aromatization of androgen to estrogen in adipose tissue [2,3], lowered sex hormone binding globulin levels [4], direct effects of high circulating levels of insulin on bone formation [1,5] or mechanical loading on bone tissue [6,7].