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Synonyms for aromatic

Synonyms for aromatic

having a pleasant odor

Synonyms for aromatic

(chemistry) of or relating to or containing one or more benzene rings

having a strong pleasant odor


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Chapter 7 Aromaticity and Other Special Properties of Heterocycles: Pi-Excessive Ring Systems and Mesoionic Ring Systems
1-Naphthyloxy containing polymers were less stable (IIa-e) than biphenyloxy (I11a-e) containing polymers ascribed to aromaticity and steric hindrance.
The lower H/C ratios of the GW550 and PS biochars suggests increased aromaticity and maturation (Krull et al.
Absorbance increases with pH, aromaticity, total carbon content and molecular weight [20].
This study supports the notion that the Walkley Black method is inappropriate for determination of carbons with high degrees of aromaticity and stability in soil, and significant underestimation of organic C content in soil is possible.
We can observe the consistency of both data demonstrating the well-known low aromaticity of Estonian kukersite kerogen.
29 indicated the degree of aromaticity or unsaturation; whereas, the large values represented the aliphaticity [44].
The C/N ratio indicated the aromaticity and the level of decomposition of organic material (Stevenson 1994; Rosa et al.
1a and 1b) and this could be explained in terms of the increase in the apparent aromaticity due to the presence of more triazine rings.
In collaboration with Professor Sason Shaik, he applied VB theory to fundamental concepts of organic chemistry such as aromaticity, hypervalence, odd-electron bonds, prediction of reaction barriers from properties of reactants and products, and so on.
The harmonic oscillator measure of aromaticity (HOMA) was calculated as described by Krygowski [28].
In a typical example, the degrees of aromaticity of the isotropic and the dispersed phases were found to be of 32.