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Synonyms for aromatic

Synonyms for aromatic

having a pleasant odor

Synonyms for aromatic

(chemistry) of or relating to or containing one or more benzene rings

having a strong pleasant odor


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Thus the QSPR model captures the effects of aromaticity, branching, and composition, in addition to the group-like contributions through E-state keys.
Influence of petroleum spray oil aromaticity, equivalent n-paraffin carbon number and emulsifier concentration on oviposition by citrus leafminer Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae).
The analysis allowed direct evaluation of the substantial differences among peat humic substances of differing origin and revealed substantially lower aromaticity of peat HAs in comparison with commercial HAs and the ones from other terrestrial and aquatic sources.
Furthermore, the aromaticity and the carbonaceous nature of the char increased with temperature, and the char lost hydrogen and oxygen as the temperature increased (Sharma et al.
The aromaticity of the linear tetrapyrrole bilirubin structure confers broad absorptivity in the ultraviolet and visible spectra, but this product of heme metabolism also is a highly reactive chemical species, a property that may contribute to its toxicity in biological systems.
As no such band is present in our study, we believe that an increase in aromaticity is a more likely explanation for the change in the [vC-O.
Hydrogen bonding was the characteristic interaction between HO-PBDE molecules and TR[beta], and aromaticity had a negative effect on the thyroid hormone activity of HO-PBDEs.
In the 34 chapters, they cover various aspects of DFT and their connections to a chemical reactivity theory, including basic ground-state DFT and its extensions to time-dependent systems, excited states, and spin-polarized molecules, bonding, interactions, reactivity, dynamics, toxicity, aromaticity, and key global and local reactivity descriptors and their variations under different perturbations.
The goal of this project was to synthesize the transition metallaaromatic compound titananthracene in order to study the fundamental concept of aromaticity and how it applies to this class of metallacycles.
After this period, heptane was added to adjust the solvent to the appropriate degree of aromaticity.
For describing the systems, analogy with benzene [pi]-bonding and aromaticity has been used, which in the case of carboranes is expressed as [sigma]-aromaticity [3].
The reason for this difference has to do with loss of aromaticity in the benzene ring adjacent to the dicarbonyl groups.
The new metal structures show a tantalizing trait called aromaticity.
In aromatic solvents such as benzene and pyridine, the [phi] electron cloud causing aromaticity in them is partially transferred to iodine.
PC has some inherent ignition resistance (IR) because of its aromaticity and structure.