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Synonyms for aromatic

Synonyms for aromatic

having a pleasant odor

Synonyms for aromatic

(chemistry) of or relating to or containing one or more benzene rings

having a strong pleasant odor


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I understand that a tin labelled "lamb" need only contain five per cent of the meat that is so aromatically and seductively portrayed in the adverts.
ESPA Essential Body MassagesAromatherapy Massage - A deeply therapeutic, holistic massage using blends of essential oils that respond aromatically to each individual's needs.
UNTIL recently, the Bluecoat Arts Centre garden was a cherished city centre oasis, aromatically reeking of a bygone world of stillness and the ultimate escape from this jaded modern life.
The El-Gezirah restaurant on the island offers the freshest of seafood right from the sea to your plate, in addition to exotic aromatically spiced barbeque dishes.
has resurrected the clever bell-shaped beurrier used in 16th-century France to prevent butter from spoiling while keeping it creamy and aromatically delicious.
Dish of the year: Moroccan-style chicken, bone-in, moist, aromatically spiced, boosted with preserved lemon, prunes and green olives.
Well known in Italy and elsewhere in Europe, Giuseppe Penone has never been altogether accepted in the US: Perhaps his sense of nature is too classical for us, too aromatically Mediterranean.
According to frozen food wholesalers nationwide, the part-baked products can be aromatically baked off in minutes.
L'othantique's French aromatically fragrant guest soaps are made in the tradtional way in Provence.
That meant cutting out meat, animal fat, eggs, poultry, dairy products including milk and cheese, tropical fruits and juices, caffeinated drinks, chemically-treated foods and anything spiced or aromatically stimulating like alcohol