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a hydrocarbon containing one or more benzene rings that are characteristic of the benzene series of compounds

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a gram positive phenol degrader, which represents a versatile property of aromatic compound degradation.
Substantial difference between mechanism of sulfonation onto aliphatic and aromatic compounds has been observed.
During the new process, the palladium catalyst removes a group of atoms called a triflate attached to the aromatic compound, then replaces it with a fluorine atom taken from a simple salt, such as cesium fluoride.
Examples include the cyclopropenyl cation, the simplest aromatic system and the first aromatic compound prepared with other than six electrons in a ring.
Also, it is worth mentioning that it has strong interaction with nitrogen-contained aromatic compound and accordingly has higher hydrodenitogenation (HDN) selectivity than that of alumina catalyst.
2 Violanthrone: An aromatic compound whose molecules consist of nine fused benzene rings
Fully utilizing technology accumulated in the manufacture of heterocyclic aromatic compound derivatives and medical intermediates, Nippon Steel Chemical was quick to commercialize OLED materials that are now moving into the limelight as a next-generation display material.
The full-bodied flavor of Jagermeister, which includes cinnamon, star anise, ginger and cardamom, is a result of a lengthy maceration to extract aromatic compounds from a closely guarded recipe of 56 botanicals, plus aging in oak casks for one year.
Contract Value: PAB aromatic compounds or heterocyclic
It accomplishes that feat because it contains natural aromatic compounds that are emitted by trees, shrubs and grasses.
The lack of light makes the plant devour itself a little, breaking down some of the large aromatic compounds that make it bitter.
When the temperature was higher than 400[degrees]C, the reactions became intense, affording large amounts of alkenes, cycloalkanes and aromatic compounds in the oil components.
Yeast that made the aromatic compounds were transported around the plate four times as often as the scentless mutants were.
Kaneka and RIKEN's Numata tried to synthesize PHA through biosynthesis by many microorganisms with a sole carbon source of aromatic compounds that make up lignin or similar aromatic compounds.
Among the topics are the accessibility of gases and liquids in carbons, characterizing advanced physical adsorption by nanoporous carbons, hydrophobicity and hydrophilicity in carbons, adsorption by phosphorous-containing carbons, unique characteristics and applications of zeolite-tempered carbon, adsorption by soft-templated carbons, adsorption behaviors of graphene and graphene-related materials, the catalytic removal of water-solved aromatic compounds by carbon-based materials, carbon-based catalyst support in fuel cell applications, and novel carbon materials for adsorbing carbon dioxide.