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a substance that retards or stops an activity

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Side effects of aromatase inhibitors resemble those of tamoxifen to some extent but little is known about the effects of aromatase inhibitors on visual system16.
Effects of aromatase inhibitor letrozole on sex differentiation and related gene expression in Clarias fuscus.
MONALEESA-2 enrolled 668 postmenopausal women with HR+/HER2- advanced or metastatic breast cancer who received no prior systemic therapy for their advanced breast cancer and showed that Kisqali plus letrozole, an aromatase inhibitor, reduced the risk of progression or death by 43% over letrozole alone (median PFS=25.
Key clinical point: Aromatase inhibitors don't help shorter boys grow taller.
Risk was comparable in women on aromatase inhibitors (AIs) only and in those who used sequential tamoxifen followed by an AI, Reina Haque, Ph.
2009) Sex reversal of the amphibian, Xenopus tropicalis, following larval exposure to an aromatase inhibitor.
Anastrozole is one of a class of medications called aromatase inhibitors, and these drugs stop the body from producing estrogen.
Effects of the aromatase inhibitor fadrozole on plasma sex steroid secretion, spermatogenesis and epididymis morphology in the lizard.
But I never addressed the joint and muscle pain that often accompanies the use of aromatase inhibitors.
Method: In this phase 3, randomized trial, we compared everolimus and exemestane versus exemestane and placebo (randomly assigned in a 2:1 ratio) in 724 patients with hormone-receptor-positive advanced breast cancer who had recurrence or progression while receiving previous therapy with a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor in the adjuvant setting or to treat advanced disease (or both).
In postmenopausal women, however, exemestane (Aromasin), an aromatase inhibitor, is the safer, better choice, even though the drug's use in chemoprevention is, for now, off label, she continued.
Red versus white wine as a nutritional aromatase inhibitor in premenopausal women.
Young that, for patients who have endometriosis and pelvic pain and who do not experience sufficient relief with an OC or GnRH agonist, a combination of an OC and an aromatase inhibitor, or NEA plus an aromatase inhibitor, may be effective.
We present a case of recurrent and treatment refractory GCT in a postmenopausal patient, managed by aromatase inhibitor Anastrozole with reasonable efficacy.
Arimidex: a potent and selective fourth-generation aromatase inhibitor.