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a substance that retards or stops an activity

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At ~10% inhibition, LH peaks disappear after approximately five cycles, and a major bifurcation in cycle patterns occurs: cycles are further shortened, baseline levels are much increased (doubled for E2 and P4, for example, even though E2 synthesis by aromatase is decreased), and peak levels mostly decreased; E2 distance to normal increases up to a maximum (Figure 2).
As shown in Figure 3A, FSH-induced aromatase is down-regulated with increasing concentrations of the PPAR[gamma] vector, and there was a similar trend of IGF-1 down-regulation (Figure 3C).
Aromatase is a key enzyme in the synthesis of estrogen.
It has been hypothesized that altered expression of aromatase is important in environmentally influenced sex differentiation.
This aromatase is expressed in the human prostate, suggesting a local role for estrogen.
Thus, a decrease in aromatase is expected to lead in part to build up of male hormones, which, in turn, further decrease RORA expression, as demonstrated in this study using a neuronal cell model.