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Key words: Arisaema triphyllum, Jack-in-the-pulpit, spadix, osmophore, aroid, Araceae, Collembola, springtail.
Aroids are plants that have flowers wrapped around a central club-like spadix rather like a Mexican tortilla wrap.
Pothos or devil's ivy (Epipremnum aureum), whose leaves are heart-shaped and colored green and yellow or green and white, is the most widely grown aroid, possessing the status of America's favorite house plant.
This is the case for atmospheric species in the tillandsioids (Tomlinson, 1970), aroid vines such as Monstera tuberculata, which produces only saucer-shaped leaves throughout their life time (Lee & Richards, 1991), life-long carnivorous plants as descendents of species, in which carnivory was originally restricted to the early stages of ontogeny as in a few extant species (Barthlott et al.
IF I said I had a series of aroids, I would probably attract sympathetic glances from people who feared for my health.
We performed experiments on the aroid Pinellia pedatisecta to determine the role of the spadix in aroids that can self-fertilize.
The antiquity of aroid pit agriculture and significance of buried A horizons on Pacific atolls.
This aroid also thrives in waterlogged locations which are of restricted occurrence.
Inflorescence odour of the foul-smelling aroid Helicodiceros muscivorus.
Observations of aroid leaf and petiole anatomy were first compiled by van Tieghem (1866), de la Rue (1866), and Dalitzsch (1886).
Not to be outdone, gesneriads, calatheas and aroids will show off how foliage is also capable of attracting pollinators with vibrantly-colored features, anatomical variations and pigment.
Tropical roots and tuber crops: Cassava, sweet potato, yams and aroids.
Tropical root and tuber crops including cassava, sweet potato, yam and aroids are raw materials for small-scale industries, and consumed as staple foods especially in the less developed countries [2].
Tropical root and tuber crops: cassava, sweet potato, yams, aroids.