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used especially in treating bruises

any of various rhizomatous usually perennial plants of the genus Arnica

an ointment used in treating bruises

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Mountain arnica was first mentioned in Estonian botanical literature in 1777 by the Baltic German writer and linguist August Wilhelm Hupel (1737-1819), who mentions mountain arnica among local plants (Hupel 1777:519).
In the Estonian language, arnica was first mentioned in a popular medical book by pastor Otto August Jannau (1800-1865).
An exception is Parnu Almanac that recommends arnica for healing bruises, adding that information has been taken from a Russian almanac for the year 1880 (PK 1879).
The description of how arnica was used in the 19th century is given according to HERBA 2007, which contains 833 texts on herbal healing from the collection of the famous Estonian folklorist and linguist Jakob Hurt.
The second text (H II 16, 560 (7)) suggests that arnica should be used against stomach ache if other homemade medicines listed before (a tablespoon of ashes or powdered brick, coal, rust or iron dust with water or vodka (H II 16, 558 (3)) did not help.
The last text (H II 7, 883 (2)) describes the use of arnica to heal straining.
In 20th-century Estonian folk medicine arnica was used (according to HERBA 2006) for 25 indications.
In Estonian ethnomedicine, arnica was mostly used to treat straining, being mentioned among medicines for straining by O.
If five of the six listed plants are quite similar to mountain arnica, then one (goldenrod) resembles arnica only by the colour of its flowers.