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noctuid moth larvae that travel in multitudes destroying especially grass and grain

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Violeta Vargas, city agriculturist, reported that army worms have damaged at least 1,181 hectares of onion and garlic farms as of March 4.
For army worm, farmers can also use grated coconut or brown sugar broadcasted to the infected field in order to attract ants which will prey on the said pests.
Trichogramma Wasps lay their eggs in the eggs of the army worms, which kills them.
Key Words: Mung bean (Vigna radiata), Insecticides, Army worm (Spodoptera mauritia), Arid, Punjab, Pakistan.
Army worms, which can grow to around 5 cm in length, are moth caterpillars and when present in large numbers can destroy swathes of vegetation and crops.
The caterpillars are thought to be African army worms, which eventually develop into nocturnal moths that can fly tens of thousands of kilometres before the females lay up to 1,000 eggs each.
Army worms are relentless munching machines, but they stop moving and sometimes drop off their perches, if a wasp flies by.
Caterpillars, known as army worms, feed on the grass, attracting massive flocks of storks and terns to feed on them.
One such coup comes in programme two on the Savannah, where million-strong herds of Serengeti wildebeest in Tanzania were outnumbered by even more voracious grazers - a seething living carpet of grass-eating caterpillars called army worms.
It cost them a lot of money to combat beet army worms.
CONSUMPTIONDue to the prolonged drought and an invasion of army worms on the farms in the North Rift last year, the annual maize harvest dropped to between 2.
The army worms have destroyed hundreds of acres of maize crops in the county.
Farmers in two Pangasinan towns are now waging war against army worms that have invaded their vegetable and onion farms.
And this year, their singing heralded a great invasion of army worms.
These tiny wasps, which pose no threat to people, destroy cabbage worms and army worms.
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