army worm

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noctuid moth larvae that travel in multitudes destroying especially grass and grain

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Fall army worm (Spodoptera frugiperda) belonging to the order Lepidoptera; Noctuidae family, is an alien, invasive moth insect pest native to the tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas.
Trichogramma Wasps lay their eggs in the eggs of the army worms, which kills them.
Parasitoids of army worm such as tachinids, ichneumonids, eulophids,chalcids and braconid wasps parasitize it.
Army worms, which can grow to around 5 cm in length, are moth caterpillars and when present in large numbers can destroy swathes of vegetation and crops.
A second study compared mtDNA with a tandem-repeat sequence called FR (for Fall army worm Rice strain), which was reported to be localized to the sex-chromosomes and present in large clusters only in the rice-strain genome of the Mississippi populations tested (Lu et al.
They are studying which plants a beet army worm prefers for egg laying.
detection of indigenous and established pests to aid control efforts (bertha army worm trapping in Canadian canola fields, and monitoring of codling moth in many apple and pear producing areas).
Farmers will be given incentives such as subsidised seeds, fertiliser and fall army worm pesticides, benefit from subsidised drying facilities at the NCPB depots, get affordable credit, warehouse receipt system, lime and agrochemicals as motivation.
A female army worm can lay about 800 to 1,000 eggs that could hatch into million worms.
One site suggested that attracting natural predators like wasps and beetles will normally control army worm outbreaks.
Due to lack of proper check by the government bodies regarding the authenticity of the seeds it was discovered that none of the 71 Bt cotton varieties they tested contained the required level of toxin needed to kill two types of pests - army worm and bollworm.
Attack of American worm, Army worm, Red worm and others could pose a serious threat to cotton production experts suggested the growers to properly check the crop twice a week.
However, there is no variety of bio-technology (BT) in the world which provides 100% immunity against army worm, he added.
Interestingly, during the army worm invasion last year that troubled farmers across the country, Mr Majanga used tobacco to keep off the destructive pests from his farm at the college.
She noted that the forum has been of great help to farmers affected by the fall army worm as they are able to get solutions from their counterparts in regions that were hit first.
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