army brat

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the child of a career officer of the United States Army

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His English was good because he'd learned his from his mother, an American army brat who'd married his father at seventeen.
He grew up as a traveling Army brat, and was in the military himself from 1980-83, but got into trouble in recent years.
I was an Army brat, so I grew up all over, but I stayed the longest time in Furth, near Nuremberg, Germany.
Before his arrest and incarceration, he had been a fairly average 16-year-old Army brat who, unfortunately, had stabbed another kid on high school property at a time when school shootings were a major news item.
Pam Grier talks about being an army brat, so you see beyond "Coffy" and "Foxy Brown" and realize that Grier herself is basically a black middle-class subject.
James Michael Lally, DO, MMM, FACOFP, FACPE, FAOASM, CPE, CMD, grew up a nomadic Army brat.
It's based on her early life as an Army brat growing up in Germany.
The character's feelings of dispossession and rootlessness were inspired by John's own childhood experience as an army brat.
Carroll's wandering as a teenage Army brat happened to take him to Trier; and that's enough to link him to: Constantine, for whom the city was an important power base; Crusader violence against the Jews (1096); Karl Marx, who was born in Trier in 1818; and Hitler, since the showing of the Seamless Robe of Christ in 1933 was part of a celebration of the concordat between the Vatican and the Nazi regime.
Not bad for an Army brat who was too "ornery" to stay in the closet.
An Army brat and the eldest of four children,Willis first saw the light asWalter Bruce Willis, born to be an action hero on a military base in West Germany in 1955.
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