army brat

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the child of a career officer of the United States Army

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Having been an army brat and "sort of a nomad," she confesses that she's "never really settled down anywhere.
Grace, a self-proclaimed army brat and rebel, is haunted by the death of her mother.
Peters' "motion for variance and downward departure" from the guideline is chock full of compelling anecdotes, beginning with Clary's childhood with Depression-era parents who "just did not have a lot" and the "unsettled" life of an Army brat and preacher's kid.
Emmy spent her childhood as an Army brat, traveling the United States and Europe with her family.
He was an army brat, so he lived in so many different cities.
As an Army Nurse, Navy Wife, and Army Brat, I have been ingrained in the military procedures.
Little Known Facts About Me: As an Army brat, I had the opportunity to attend 10 different schools in three countries, and play on two national, and one world, championship baseball teams before the age of 18.
Arthurson is an army brat, living both on base and in small communities, experiencing first-hand racism and shame.
They talked about Camus and Sartre and Nietzsche--people I hadn't heard much about in my life as an Army brat and people my mildly anti-intellectual father would have disdained had anyone explained to him who they were.
Sunny doesn't just cook for real, she keeps it real and is the first to say she owes much of her current success to her background as an Army brat and an Air Force broadcaster.
For a long time, I had a spiel that went something like this: I'm an Army brat so I'm not from anywhere.
At each stop along the way Haags anecdotes sparkle with detail and transmit the excitement and wonder of being an army brat frequently on the road.
But her parents are unfailingly critical and maddeningly contradictory, and she suffers the isolation and loneliness of an Army brat, constantly being uprooted and losing all her friends.
His English was good because he'd learned his from his mother, an American army brat who'd married his father at seventeen.
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