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a large base of operations for an army

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Currently, the Syrian armed forces are clashing with the Jeish Al-Islam at Tal Al-Haras; this imperative hilltop is where the contested army base sits atop of in Harasta's Industrial Area.
O]ur main concern is to ensure that the development of the Oakland Army Base not be jeopardized by either unsubstantiated claims or global concerns in which we have no real influence," underscored the Building Trades in an August 27 letter to Mayor Schaff and the City Council members.
The soldiers, from 2nd Battalion The Rifles, were found dead at Ballykinler Army base in Co Down, within a two-month period in the winter of 2012/13.
According to the news agency, it was not immediately clear who was behind the firing of the deadly rockets at the army base in Benghazi but the city is known to be home to Islamist militants who have been targeted by renegade ex-general Khalifa Haftar .
The first, and most deadly explosion, took place in Taji, 20 km north of Baghdad, where a suicide bomber driving a car packed with explosives detonated his bomb near an army base, killing at least seven people and wounding 24.
Many of the injured soldiers were in rooms inside the army base.
Yemeni security officials said the separatists had tried on a number of occasions to enter the besieged army base, but were unable to.
HUDDERSFIELD nursery products firm Mamas & Papas has chosen a NHS midwife whose work covers an army base as its Midwife of the Year for 2009.
The National Defense Industrial Association's Joint CBRN exhibition, held each June on the Army base in Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.
A Palestinian rocket exploded in an Israeli army base yesterday, wounding 50 soldiers and drawing Israeli calls for a major military operation in the Gaza Strip.
Armagh, to Lance Bombadier Stephen Restorick, the last soldier shot dead by the IRA, will be dug up and put in another army base.
Future phases of PARC call for the development of over one million square feet on an additional 120 acres at the United States Army base.
As a young captain I was assigned to MTMC Western Area, Military Ocean Terminal Bay Area at Oakland Army Base," Gainey said.
At night, though, the local vet gave her heart to a pair of sick kittens named Bill and Hillary -- kittens she hid on her Army base while she nursed them back to health.
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