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a limitation on the size and armament of the armed forces of a country

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Graham and Hansen carefully define and explain how "national technical means" (NTM), a purposeful euphemism for a host of space, air, sea, and ground sensor systems, enabled the United States and the Soviet Union to verify each other's compliance with arms-control agreements.
And only this summer, after Iran repeatedly rejected European entreaties to stop enriching uranium, did the Security Council finally agree to cite Iran for its arms-control violations.
Using the United States as a case study, she illustrates how strategic culture; political and legal institutions; economic and technological factors; and elites, interest groups, and public opinion will continue to shape US arms-control policy, but in new ways.
A Nagoya customs officer notified Takehara, an arms-control officer, that a man related to an organized crime group had put a handgun in a coin locker in Osaka City.
In particular, questions of verification have been manipulated by those who are opposed to any arms-control arrangements which constrain US strategic options.
Arms-control experts fear Russia might express its displeasure by calling off its plans to reduce its nuclear force.
But congressional arms-control analysts consider it unlikely that the ban will be removed.
This system of calibrated sensors linked together in near real-time provides an unprecedented capability to verify current and future nuclear arms-control agreements.
These weapons are generally ignored in arms-control agreements, and the size of Russia's tactical nuclear stockpile is impossible to estimate.
plan to deploy an antimissile shield would have an "adversarial impact" on arms-control efforts.
We want to resume our work as soon as we can, but I am not prepared to have this work continue on the basis that Iraq can say to us which person from which country is or isn't acceptable,'' Butler, an Australian arms-control expert, said Wednesday.
If voters think that arms-control agreements like those in the 1970s and during the Clinton years are the best way to rein in rogue states with nuclear ambitions, they should vote for the Kerry-Edwards ticket.
and Paul Nitze, former President Reagan's top arms-control negotiator.
The few remaining arms-control opponents are as concerned about the verification issues as Aspin was in 1988.
Besides the arms-control agreements, he accused Bosnian Serbs of damaging the peace in Bosnia by preventing freedom of movement, failing to allow refugees to return home and failing to cooperate with the international war crimes tribunal.